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How comes nobody ever rejects your marriage proposal? Well, no more! Now with immersive, hilarious voiced rejections. From "I'm not drunk enough" to "Sorry, we're better off as friends".

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-Immersive Rejections-

If you've ever asked an NPC "Are you...interested in me?" you know that they ALWAYS say yes. If you've ever asked a real person "Are you... interested in me?" chances are they have said no. See? Totally unimmersive! 

- Hilarious (yet realistic) rejections.
- Fully voiced, with around 100 new voice lines. All carefully spliced to sound very natural.
- 50 different voicetypes covered (this is pretty much... all voices featured in Skyrim).
- Depending on the NPC disposition (how much they like you) they might reject you in a harsher or softer way.
- Mod does NOT affect gameplay, the marriage candidates OR the proposal system. You can still marry everyone you marry in vanilla. More info on this below.
- Compatible with "NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara 2.0", which has just been updated with a lot of extra features regarding proposals.
- Compatible with pretty much everything. It does not edit a single vanilla record.

How it works:

- VANILLA: if you are wearing an amulet of Mara, you have have already talked to Maramal (Priest of Mara in Riften), the NPC you're talking to is part of the "marriage candidates" faction AND you have done a favor for the NPC in question, you will see a dialogue option that says "Are you interested in me?" when talking to them. When you see this dialogue, the NPC will always say yes.

- WITH THIS MOD: the statement above is technically still true. I have NOT touched the "yes" conditions, they remain the same. What this mod does is allow you to ask the same "Are you interested in me?" question to NPCs that do not want or cannot marry you currently (or ever). This includes... well, basically everyone in the game. The dialogue will show up as long as you're wearing an amulet of mara and you have talked to Maramal about marriage.

Some behind-the-scenes details:

- Mod follows the vanilla logic, so you will not see the dialogue if you're not wearing an amulet of mara.
- Depending on how much they like you and if they're a future marriage candidate or not, the rejection lines will be different. The dialogue is just for fun, there is no penalty for asking them to marry you, they will not like you less or anything.


- This mod does not edit a single vanilla record. Say what :)

Big Update for "NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara" (Optional Addon)

NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara 2.0, although not required, can help further expand the proposal vanilla mechanics. Despite the name, version 2.0 does a lot more than give Amulets of Mara to the right NPCs. It essentially revamps and improves on the "proposal system of vanilla. Including:

  • (Duh) NPCs in the marriegable faction might be wearing amulets of Mara. You're not the only person actively looking for marriage anymore!
  • No need to go speak to Maramal to learn the Nord marriage tradition: Nords will already know this from the start. Other races can get a pamphlet from your local courier to get the info they need without having to travel to Riften. Just ask the courier.
  • Mod includes a a brand new feature to cancel your engagement with NPCs. Just let them know you've changed your mind and choose someone else!
  • If your better half dies before the wedding, the marriage system will no longer lock you out of a wedding, unlike in vanilla. You can now tell Maramal the bad news and you can find yourself another waifu or husbando. All voiced, of course.

Ares, Connor, Macpherb, RedNick, Panda Pancakes and everyone else who is supporting me on Patreon.
Thank you, your support means a lot.

- Shoutout to everyone who caught glimpses of the development of this mod on Twitch.
You're strong, clever, proper citizens of Skyrim.

- Who hurt you?
Lol, no one. I just thought 1) it's a fun idea and 2) we should get over the fact that some people just don't like us, and that's alright. Romantically or otherwise. Embrace the haters! Also, if you're struggling finding a partner... There's someone for you out there. Don't let a few "No's" get in the way of love!

- ESL?
You know me, I've got 900 mods installed. ESL is the way to go!

- Can you add X feature?
This mod is about dealing with rejection, so this is a nice place to start: PROBABLY NOT.

- Did you use Xvasynth?
Nope, I respect mod authors that make use of this interesting tool, but most of the time it ends up sounding too robotic for my taste. I've got a lot of experience splicing lines thanks to Bandit Lines Expansion, so you can expect the same level of quality here.

- Does this mod change who I can marry? Will my dear Ysolda refuse me now?
As mentioned above in more detail, the answer is no. The mod does not modify which NPCs say "yes" or when the NPCs say "yes". This mod only adds content for all the times where they wouldn't be able to say anything.

- Is this performance friendly? Does it need a patch for X?
Patches? No vanilla records were edited, so I doubt it. And performance is not an issue at all. This mod only adds new dialogues.

- Why not merge this with your other mod "NPCs Wear Amulets of Mara 2.0"?
It was very easy to make this a standalone mod for those that do not want to use the other mod. Now the choice is yours: You can use either of them or (my recommendation) both.

- Can you lock the new dialogues to ONLY the opposite gender? My masculinity is being threatened!!111
The answer is NO, and it's not up for discussion. Do not bring this up. My mods, my rules. Don't like them? Make your own mods, bender style

- Is this an incel mod?
No. And the concept of an incel is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Being rejected is a natural part of life, despite what video games might make you believe.
If you're even a little bit kind to others, you will find somebody that loves you. No matter how much of an ogre you look like. Of course, you might not get the model from instagram that you like, but you know what, who cares. We all grow old and ugly eventually. The model too. What matters is that you find someone kind you can share nice moments with. 

- Are you... interested in me? *Points at Amulet*
Ehh... I think... you're a great mod user... but... ehhhh... we're...kinda... sort of... better off as friends... Sorry! Now, let's pretend this never happened.

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