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Simple mod that makes mercenaries ask for more or less money for their services depending on their level, your and their race and how good you are at bartering (your speech skill.)

This mod is a LE Backport of the original mod by JaySerpa.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: I am not the original mod creator. I merely backported this mod with JaySerpa's permission. If you require assistance on how to play the mod, please ask on the original SE Mod Page. However, do let me know about technical issues in as much detail as possible.

Modified mod page description follows:

Simple mod that will make mercenaries ask for more or less money for their services depending on their level, your and their race and how good you are at bartering (your speech skill.)

How it works: When you meet a hireling, you will need to ask them for their fee (this is voiced). When you ask them, their price gets updated based on certain criteria. In general, prices will be more expensive than vanilla. See the mod in action:

Behind the scenes:
The math is quite simple.

The new price to recruit a hireling follows this formula:

Level of the NPC * 100
Example: A Level 30 Marcurio * 100 = 3000 Gold.

On top of this, you need to add the "discounts".
- PC is the same race as the hireling? 10% discount
- High level in Speech? From 250 to 1000 Gold discount depending on your Speechcraft level.


  • NFF? Vanilla?
The mod is compatible with vanilla and NFF out of the gate, not sure about other follower management mods but I suppose so.

  • Who is this for?
The mod will be more useful for those that play with a mod that unlevels the world around the player. Requiem / YASH come to mind. Mod will still work without an unleveled world, just remember that as the followers will level with you, they will be more and more expensive as you keep leveling up. 

  • Why did you make this mod?
I made it for myself some time ago but thought I'd share in case someone finds it interesting. 

  • Is it compatible with mods that add new hirelings?
I only tested inconsequential NPCs and it works. If they use Skyrim's hireling system, it will work. Otherwise it'll need to be patched in.

  • Why is everyone so expensive now?
I created this for Requiem mostly. Requiem makes followers cost 5000 Gold and this mod is balanced around this number. I think it makes sense since they're basically risking their lives and 500 Gold is not even worth getting out of bed in the morning. I can consider creating a version with cheaper prices if there's enough interest.

JS' Follower Realism Mods

This mod is one of three small mods that aim to increase the roleplaying aspect of having followers with you in Skyrim. Check out the other two if you're interested:

  • Follower Death and Injury Chance LE (Compatible with Interesting NPCs and NFF) - This mod will make you think twice before you use your followers as meat-shields. Each time they fall in battle, your follower has a chance to die or get wounded.
  • Interesting Follower Requirements (Not backported yet) - Affecting Interesting NPCs, it makes it so you must meet certain criteria before you can ask them to follow you. This is meant to help with the disconnect that a high level warrior would follow a nobody after a short conversation.
  • Dynamic Mercenary Fees LE - Hey, you're already here!

I appreciate all feedback, but I'm not really looking to improve this mod, I just wanted something simple to do the math for me. Sharing here in case someone finds it useful! :)