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About this mod

Adds over 3000 lines dialogue for a better roleplay experience to Spouses/Followers/Lovers. All configurable from a convenient Dialogue Option at the bottom of npc conversations.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
Gameplay Demo Reel

Adds over 3000 lines of dialogue for companions/lovers/spouses
Have an Idea for scene Dialogue? Submit it here: Young Lovers Ideas

What it don't:
+No lore-breaking dialogue!
+No Swearing!
+No NSFW content!

What it do:
+Wholesome 100!

+Change personality types
-Doting Lover
-Stoic Lover
-Shy Lover
-Just Friends

+Change your lovers combat dialogue!

+Recruit Lovers to follow you
-Options to control follower distance
-Options to control Speech frequency

+Teach your lovers new spells by giving them tomes
-Teach/Forget spells
-All vanilla Conjuration and destruction spells

+Give your followers potions
-Dialogue on use for friends/lovers
-Supports modded potions

+Tell your spouse you love them
-'Compliments" Dialogue Option
-"I love you" Dialogue option
-"You're the only one for me" (must actually be the only one for you)

+"Speak your love" power
-Face the npc and press the shout key
-Unique situational dialogue
-All vanilla player voices supported

+New conditional dialogue
-Seated dialogue
-Apologize after hitting a lover
-Good morning dialogue
-Cooking Dialogue

+Idles for lovers
-Location based idles
-Weather based Idles
-Lover based Idles
-Furniture based Idles

+Follower banter
-2 or more followers using the young lovers framework
-Friends/spouses/lovers will talk to each other (Must be a supported voice type)

+Works on any npc's in the listed voice types, Even modded ones!

+Explorer Personality Types
-Aloof Explorer
-Cautious explorer
-Enthusiastic explorer

+Talos related dialogue
-Can toggle whether the NPC believes in talos or not

+New favor dialogue lines
-Based on personality traits

+Spouse will cook up to three meals a day
-Spouse will tell you when the meal is ready
-Up to 5 different meal variations
-Personality based dialogue
-Thank your spouse for the meal

+New Spouse gold collection dialogue
-Personality based
-Accumulate 500 gold for more dialogue + a gift

+Player awareness
-Comments when the player picks flowers/berries/plants or catches bugs

+Horseback commentary
-Weather based comments
-Unsheathed weapon comments
-Gift horses to followers (the last horse you rode)

+Quest based commentary
-Return of The Dragons(Partially completed)

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Questions & Answers

Q- I have RDO/AFT/NFT/Some other follower mod how do I make it work?
A-Load the other framework after my mod, add the follower to the mixed framework via debug settings before recruiting them into my framework.

Q-Will other voice types be added?
A-Yes, eventually.

Q-How is the mod voiced?
A-Using Elevenlabs AI voice generator

Please post any bugs or problems in the comment threads for me to see them!
If you wish to make a translation for this mod into another language, feel free to do so, however make sure to credit me as the original author, ty.
Thanks for downloading, and If you like the mod please endorse it.

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