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The Skyrim World Randomizer randomly changes door destinations using a seed and logic!

Permissions and credits
Inspired by Zelda randomizers, this mod randomizes the door destinations while using optional logic to try and ensure that everything is still accessible. I plan to eventually expand this to cover more than just teleport doors, however! Currently, only the base game + DLC is supported.

The Mod Configuration Menu:

The mod configuration menu is used to control the settings for the mod as well as starting the mod:

  1. Main Quest Entrances
    1. Entrances Only - This setting ensures that the first room/cell for main quest locations are accessible by connecting them to "outside" entrances, such as other dungeon entrances or the door to a house. You can still access these locations out of order.
    2. Chaos - No logic is used. Main quest dungeon entrances can be linked anywhere.
  2. Other MQ Doors
    1. Do Nothing - This setting will not add other rooms/cells that are part of main quest locations to the pool of doors to be randomized. For example, once you find your way into Bleak Falls Barrow, the door connecting the two rooms/cells will not be randomized.
    2. Entrances Only - Like the Main Quest Entrances option, this setting connects these doors to "outside" entrances.
    3. Chaos - No logic is used and the doors can be linked anywhere.
  3. Single Door Rooms
    1. Entrances Only - There are plenty of locations that only have a single entrance that can easily be made inaccessible. For example, if Breezehome was linked to the Whiterun Stables door, then you would be unable to enter Breezehome! Again, this gives single door cells priority to "outside" entrances.
    2. Chaos - No logic is used.
  4. Hold Gates
    1. Chaos - Hold Gates, such as the gates to Whiterun or Riften, can be linked anywhere.
    2. Hold Gates Only - Hold Gates will be shuffled only with other Hold Gates.
    3. Do Nothing - Hold Gates will not be randomized at all.
  5. Hide Destinations - This option is currently force-enabled. Turning it off/on will not do anything right now.
  6. Generate New Seed - Creates a new seed based on how much in-game time has passed.
  7. Current Seed - The seed used for the randomizer. It can be any non-negative integer. Click this to set your own seed.

Playing the Randomizer:

Once the randomizer has been started from the MCM, it will begin loading the lists of doors and then shuffling them. There are around 1600 doors in the base game alone, so this does take several minutes. Once everything is done randomizing, you will get a messagebox telling you it is done. As of right now, the mod works by replacing doors with its own, so the doors will only show "To " or "Open Door."

Known Issues:

  1. Because I am replacing the doors with my own, AI pathing only allows NPCs to use doors that they originally had access to, so only the Player is affected by the randomizer (you may be able to command a follower to activate a door, however).
  2. Sometimes you may end up in the wrong spot when going through a door; you could end up behind the door or somewhere off navmesh. This is because I had to create my own door system with a teleport script to work around an even more broken mess. If this happens to you, please create a bug report with where you were at and which door it was. In the meantime, please use the tcl console command to put yourself back.
  3. This may break some quests that rely on detecting when the Player goes through a door. One example is Sheogorath's quest, which I have manually fixed.

Planned Features In No Particular Order:
  1. Dawnguard and Dragonborn support. Done!
  2. Xbox port. Done!
  3. Shuffling chest locations.
  4. Optional support for Mihail's mimics mod if chests are shuffled (PC only)
  5. (Maybe) Shuffling unique items.
  6. (Maybe) Shuffling quest rewards and items.
  7. (Maybe) Shopsanity.
  8. Adjusting AI pathing so that they have to go through randomized doors and fixing quest markers (PC only)
  9. Support for user-created mods (PC only)
  10. A Reset button. Done!
  11. Oldrim Port. Done! Heck, you're looking at it right now!
  12. Configurable lock levels when a door would normally require a key. Currently it just makes it a Master lock. Done!
  13. App to generate some kind of spoiler log.