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Made by code1k and ported by turtlegodking

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A port of code1k's Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods mod.

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A port of code1k's Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods mod.

If there are any issues let me know.

Credits to code1k for making the original mod.

I will be adding the patches as I go as I am making sure they are 100% working

Note from Turtle:
1. This was ment to be out after the Nexus server change but I wanted to make sure everything worked (Sorry to code1k for it taking so long)
2. Patches will be comming soon as I am making sure that they will work
3. Code1k sent me as DM how to make sure the newest version setup for LE so I will be working on that.

How to get really thick grass and have almost no FPS drop from from it:
1.Download CAO (Look up a guide)

2. Download Realistic Grass Field by ArtByMari (512) and extract the files into a folder of your choice (Manually)

3. Set CAO to these setting:
Profile - TES5
BSA - Extract BSA (Ticked), Create BSA (Ticked), Delete soure files (Ticked)
Meshes - Process Meshes (ticked) Necessary optimization (Ticked)
Textures - Process textures (ticked), Necessary optimization (Ticked), Generate mipmaps (Ticked)
Downsizing (Must be ticked) - By fixed size (ticked), Height 256, Width 256

4.Click Run

5. Check that the new BSA has the same name as the old one (It must be the same)

6. Zip the files up and add them to your mod manger

7. Test to see how low your iMin can get after this (Anything below 20 is overkill as it looks the same as 20)

(This should work with other grass mods but Realistic Grass Field looks best with it)