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Alduin remade using Drogon Assets from GoT Dragons, in two variants. High-resolution and absolutely terrifying (plus Potato resolution options).

Permissions and credits
I love working with dragons, but I'm not much good at 3D modeling. I've been looking for a great opportunity to work with some new 3D assets to create a much more imposing, realistic and shit-your-pants terrifying version of Alduin, and KaienHash brought that to Skyrim with GoT Dragons.

I took the Drogon model from that mod, and my Cleaned and Upscaled Textures and made a number of tweaks and edits to fit Drogon into my rendition of Alduin.
These edits can be summarized as darkening and tweaking the color of the textures, adding new glowmaps, and altering the emissive properties of the mesh. Alduin's eyes and wings will glow in the dark and his skin will look less red and more black in daylight.
Still, since some folks prefer the more vanilla look of a darker, blacker Alduin, I created a "Nightblack" variant that is less red and more black.

You can use the vanilla skeleton, the one posted on GoT Dragons, or Immersive Dragons, which is what is shown in the screenshots.

Installing Along With GoT Dragons Mod
This mod includes some textures that are also used as common resources for the other GoT Dragons. If you have my cleaned and upscaled textures installed already, you can forego installing them again by choosing no in the FOMOD.

Why 16K Dragons??
All resolutions specified are the maximum  resolution. Dragons are VERY large, so think about how you want your dragons to look when you are fighting them up close.
The original dragon bodies were in 4K resolution, meaning the dragon head itself was only about 1500x1200 pixels. If you like 1K apples then you definitely want 8K dragons or higher.

Thank you to Becofi for the screenshots

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