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Here making mods for Skyrim, Cyberpunk 2077, and more.

Specializing in texture upscaling but slowly spiraling out towards many other projects, as lead developer of the Skypocalypse Team.


Your support of my work is most appreciated!
I appreciate any kind words you want to send my way, and your financial support will help me pay for the hardware I use for modding. You can donate through paypal here on nexus, on my kofi page, or:






Cleaned & Upscaled Textures

Bringing Next Generation Graphics to the masses. I want it all in 4K please.

Skyrim Mods Featured in these articles:
Dark Side of Gaming
GameRant - Animals and Creatures

GameRant - Landscapes


Cyberpunk 2077 Mods Featured in these articles:
Dark Side of Gaming


Performance Optimized Textures for Potato PCs

All my texture mods are available performance-optimized for Potato PCs, and I'm also releasing standalone optimized texture mods.


My Collections for Skyrim SE:
Next-Gen Graphics Addon for I&A and I&P
Proud & Beastly Beasts

Next-Gen Animals & Creatures

Cathedral 3D Plants


My Collections for Cyberpunk 2077:

High-Res Graphics Pack - MAXIMUM
High-Res Graphics Pack - PERFORMANCE



My Xbox mods are here on Bethesda.

I encourage anyone using my ports and bundles to support the Original Mod Authors. i rarely do Xbox ports anymore because my Xbox died.



I'm a queer woman and bringing queerness into Skyrim is important to me.
I love collaborating with other LGBTQI+ modders and gaymers.



Collections and Overhauls

The Skypocalypse team is crafting complete Overhauls of Skyrim for Xbox and PC that remake Skyrim in a new image. Each overhaul is a chapter in an extended character story.

I'm making and editing mods to build out these visions, intended for deep roleplaying, and will be releasing Nexus Collections for PC, as well as ports and bundles for Xbox.



If you are interested in collaborating on Overhaul projects, or levelling up your experience of modding Skyrim, please join our discord server:
Skypocalypse is above all a place for COLLABORATION, a community hub for mutual aid to level up our skills and Skyrim itself.


This server is the host to Skypocalypse Academy, where modders and porters of all skill and experience levels assist each other as we dive ever deeper into transforming the bones of this magical game. Featuring an extensive library of tools and resources, The Academy is meant to be as educational as it is welcoming.
We know from experience that modding is an extremely addictive past-time and can be a slippery slope from creating a simple load order to porting mods to going full boat and attempting to rebuild Skyrim from the ground up. That's why we believe in a community that integrates Xbox and PC gamers along with porting noobs and experienced mod authors. We all have more to learn, and modding Skyrim to its extreme is a community effort to say the least.
Skypocalypse is meant to be a gaming community that supports collaborative efforts. The gaming and social channels here are intended to foster the social connections that help act as glue for our collaborative work.


My Collections for Skyrim SE:
Next-Gen Graphics Addon for I&A and I&P

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