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Lina from DOTA anime, DOTA Dragon's Blood.

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An attempt (may not even look like her at all) to make Lina from DOTA Dragon's Blood into Skyrim. The preset was made using Breton race with bodyweight of 0. I couldn't find the exact warpaint for her face and also the correct hair, so if you do just leave a comment. You can use or edit the preset in anyways you want or even make follower version since im too lazy.

Mod Requirements 
The Eyes of Beauty
High Poly Head
EFM (Choose the Racemenu Plugin one from the Optional Filess)
 Bijin CBBE 4K (or you can select the 2K version)  
High Poly Eyebrows (choose Fair Skin 12FemaleEyebrows HP)
KS Hairdos
Shep's Tattoo Collection (download the female - racemenu one)

NOTE : For Fair Skin Eyebrows High Poly Version, you must download Fair Skin Complexion first then delete the skin texture inside the file in order to use Bijin skin without conflicting with Fair Skin.