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A simple adventure, following the whereabouts of three legionnaires: Faari, Kerth and Tavos. Their homes are yours to keep.

Permissions and credits
Legionnaire's Chronicles was supposed to be just a simple alchemist hideout player home and turned out to be an adventure with unique places, unique enemies and unique items.

Your adventure starts in a cozy and not so little tent, northwest of the Pale Imperial Camp. The tent belongs to the redguard optio Faari.
Look for journals, notes and letters to progress the stories.


  • 3 unique NPCs, with their own backstories and terrible fates
  • 2 dungeons, a nordic temple and a pirate ship (the last with tons of loot)
  • 6 unique enemies, all with their own perks, spells and fighting styles
  • 3 unique small player homes: Centurion's Tent, Healer's Hideout and Pathfinder's Outpost
  • 6 unique items, 5 of them disenchantable
  • Player caches (like the Thieves Guild barrels)
  • Unique music on all cells (including the dungeons)
  • 2 Shrines with their own blessings: one to Kyne and one to Leki


1 - It was with an imperial soldier in mind that I've made the homes, but feel free to play with anything you want. The playthrough is yours anyway.
2 - There's a chance you find Faari alive. She is frenzied, mourning the death of her lover.
3 - The stories aren't that big, I'm more like a creator than a storyteller.
4 - You can navigate through the platforms at the Pathfinder's Outpost. There are 3 platforms overlooking the fort. Aim at the ropes.
5 - For some reason the Shalidor's Secrets effect (one of the unique items) glitches other magic effects. It's a CK bug, but still works fine.
6 - The braziers inside Kyne's Temple are lightable with fire spells, including fire breath.

7 - Yes, the pull chain of Kyne's Temple is hard to find.
8 - For the lazy ones, here are the locations of everything (including the pull chain): link.

The music of the player homes and the temple are from an amazing game called Gothic 3. The music of the pirate ship is from AC Valhalla. I used them cause I'm a big fan of those games. All credits go for their producers for these awesome soundtracks that fit so well in my mod.

The text on the tablet at Kyne's Temple is not of my making. It is a shrine inscription from ESO. The credits for that goes to Bethesda itself.

A very special thanks for Darkfox127 CK tutorials!

And the used Modder's Resources:

Kelretu's Modders Resources
Lolicept Resources
Oaristys Modders Resource Pack
Blary's OpenBooks
Blary's Alchemy Clutter Resource
Blary's FoodContainer Resource
Blary's Booksets
Apepi's Art Assets
New Beddings
Orient Set
Estroya Resources
Darkfox127 Resource Collection
Rug Resource
Tlaffoon's Rugs and Tapestries
Hanging Mage Satchel Resource
Malo Statues
Liam's Clutter Resources
DK's Lore-Friendly Nord Ships and his special permission
Lor Modders' Resources
The Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack
Modders Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension

Installation: If installing with any organizer, download the files and install it. If installing manually, download the files, then place it in your data directory. 

Uninstallation: Remove your loot from the containers and remove any blessing attached to your character and you're good to go. If using any organizers deactivate it or, if manually, remove the .esp and .bsa from your data directory.

Compatibility: Compatible with every other mod that doesn't change the same areas, until proven otherwise.

Well, finally, if you like the mod, please endorse it and if you experience any issues, please report (private message) so it can be fixed right away. Also, the buffs of the shrines are from my own interpretation of each god's attributes and its role in the mythology. If you don't agree, please leave a comment. I'm opened for suggestions and requests.

If there are any grammar errors in this mod page, please forgive me, english is not my native language.

Thanks for the support!