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Made by Pulcharmsolis and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a port of Pulcharmsolis's Silt Strider Armor mod.

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This is a port of Pulcharmsolis's Silt Strider Armor mod.

If there are bugs let me know

Credits to Pulcharmsolis for making the original mod

This was tested with Easy Hawt HDT SMP Physics by btasqan and not the normal HDT so I do not know if normal HDT will work with it as well as it did with HDT-SMP (It will most likely be fine though)

The original mentioned "If you have Nemesis neither FNIS nor XP32 are required" so here is your heads up

Also the cloak does not have physics as for some reason they did not convert over at all

There is a good chance that Xtudo will make a non-HDT version as they have done that for some other armours that need HDT or HDT-SMP so do not ask me to (I would not even know how)
I will try to remove the HDT as people are saying it is creating issues but I can not say when it will come out as I do not know how to do it at this time.

I may see if I can make this a optional chitin armour replacer after I end up removing HDT from it (I will leave up the HDT version as a optinal file after the HDT is removed as I don't think everyone has the HDT issue since I am not having it)

Profile wide clean up:
This is not being included in the clean up as I will do that with removed HDT version (HDT version will be cleaned then as well)

Note from Turtle:
Holy sh*t I completely forgot I ran a extra script for HDT when I was testing this.
Please download the optional file "smp-pe path 0528" and overwrite your HDT as I did this for my HDT-SMP and never had issues with this mod.

Let me know if this fixes the issues with this mod.