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Idealized Nordic-Fantasy Themed Enb. Very blue, Very cold looking. Now with multiple weathers.

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A vanilla, lore-friendly, and Nordic-themed ENB that enhances the atmosphere of Skyrim to emphasize the cold weather and rugged vistas of Skyrim. 3 years in the making, version 2.0 of Norderlandjas now has custom, automatic ENB settings for EVERY weather type in Skyrim, making it both an ENB and a weather overhaul of sorts.

Recommended Mods for Nordrlandjas 2.0 (used in my screenshots):
Real Clouds by Soolie
Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton

This Enb comes in a few different ReShade presets, I have original, original with brighter shadows. Sovngarde Edition creates more of a Nordic fantasy feel (it's more cold and blueish) while Valhalla Edition is more of a Medieval aesthetic (more grey and stony). Cinematic Edition is like Sovngarde but more extreme and movie-like, this is the one I personally use! I also have some retro nostalgia presets including a 90's Arcade version for people who miss 90's arcades and a CRT version for people who may get bored and want to pretend they're playing an Oblivion sequel on the same CRT they used for Oblivion, just for some old nostalgia and kicks.

I may do a 3.0 with Ray Tracing in the future, but this ENB is already very performance intensive. I now have a Nvidia RTX 3090 and I only get an average 45 fps with everything running at max settings at native 4k resolution.

*Important*: This Enb combines Enb with ReShade, and because of that very complicated instructions are required to get it running as intended, please read and follow the instructions in my Installation Readme carefully so you can get this Enb working as intended if you want to run it and for it to look right!