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* Entrance location, not far from Autumn watch tower, take the path on the left headed towards Arcwind point, look for the map marker Rielle Falls Passage

-Guest house
-Lake house
-General goods store
-We got goats!
- Every time I hear "bok bok bok" I you now own many chickens
-sitting areas where your followers will meditate with you

-some cool scenery
-navmesh fixes and tweaks
 -Added to "Rideable Worldspace list", can summon Arvak

-Childrens room with 6 beds, can use the Bless this Home spell from Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod
Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse
-New guest house and also bunk house (5 beds and 7 beds)
-Two new spell books, summon Nightfall and summon Winterfall
-New shrine of Auri-El

What's new in Version 5

-Display room for some of your collectibles
-You can now craft Ancient Falmer Armor once you have Auriels Bow (must be in inventory)
-Chickens are now essential at Rielle Falls ;)
-Rafa is no longer ghost dog (Adniran and Larissa are still ghosts in this version)
-minor navmesh edits around the mineral pool/ added a bench in the pool

*Many thanks to Khermiit for not only porting Version 5 but for helping with some minor fixes,
thanks for all your time Master Dave ;)


Rielle Falls is a small new worldspace, very secluded, hidden in the Jerral Mountains southern Rift area with a nice sized player home and property. Passage located not far from Autumn Watch Tower. Take the path on the left headed towards Arcwind Point. No quest, no key, doesn't cost any gold, you already own everything. There are two shops, General goods store and Apothecary, Main house, Lake house and more...


Crystalwind Estate located at Rielle Falls, has been in the Dragonborns family for many many generations, although it has been unoccupied for a very long time, the Caretakers have watched over the property since the first ancestors built the estate, who himself was a student of the Greybeards and also the College of Winterhold. The legends tell while studying with the Greybeards he had a vision of your coming and was then instructed by Akatosh to prepare a place for the future Dragonborn. The Caretakers were hired as helpers and their love for all the generations of families that have live and thrived here have bound their souls to Rielle Falls as the eternal guardians. Crystalwind is a beautiful, magical place, blessed by the divines to be worthy of the Dragonborn. Make haste, the Caretakers patiently await your arrival to take your rightful place as the next heir to Crystalwind Estate.


— All elk and deer, farm animals and horses are player faction

— Very peaceful place, no bandits, no wolves, bears or anything to chase you

— Small pond to swim and hangout with your companions

— Outdoor Forge area

— Outdoor Enchanting table

— Mine ore / chop wood / lots or idle markers for your followers

— Farm plantation with mill

 Apiary / honey and bees

— Fish Hatchery


— Library / plenty of book storage, unique open-roof skylight (beautiful at night when the stars are out)

— Main residence

— Armory with mannequins and a few weapons displays

— Kitchen with ovens and cooking pots

— Crystalwind Mine with a few ore deposits to mine, there are also ore deposits located around the estate property

— Guest house

— Lake house

— Apothecary and General Store

*Any treasure chest container found on the estate is player owned and safe to store your gear (see screenshot), food containers in the kitchen interior and exterior are set to re-spawn, all containers located in the main residence are safe to store your supplies. There is a satchel located at the enchanting table outdoors, this is safe to store your supplies.

Special Features:

— You can now craft and enchant Skaal Armor, boots, gloves and hat!

— 4 new followers Adniran, Marianna, Larissa and Rafa, The Caretakers

— You can now mine and smelt Dwarven ore!

— Gimli the estate blacksmith

Apothecary and General Store


This mod was cleaned and checked using SSEEdit.

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Mods that I used in the photos:

Cathedral - 3D Pine Grass
Cathedral - 3D Mountain Flowers

Green and Lush Aspen Trees SE

Feedback / suggestions / issues / screenshots are most welcome!


Special Thanks to Bethesda
And a very special thanks to my super cool sis Larissa (serkethetyt) for this beautiful mod page
Rafa (TylerMcPotter) for the LOD generation
And Manuel (4l3nZ4R) for the Port to Legendary Edition
And Khermiit for the Version 5 port
SE version here:
Crystalwind Estate and the Waterfalls of Rielle


Many thanks to my brothers and sisters at Trollbane and Nexus






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