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An overhaul of the aspen trees for a green and lush look. The trees are larger, they have new bark texture, new leaves and falling leaves effect.Some trees have different colors from dark green to light yellow-green. Billboards are included for lod generation. Supports 3D ultra lod for Dyndolod. No .esp plugin, just meshes and textures.

Permissions and credits

This mod completely changes the way aspen trees look in Skyrim.
The trees are much bigger (credit to fadingsignal for the meshes),
they have dark brown barks and the leaves range from deep green on some trees to a light yellow-ish green on others.

The falling leaf animation is also replaced with Rudy HQ - Falling Leaves and Needles SE with matching green leaf texture.
The mod also comes with quality billboards for LOD generation, matching each tree's texture and size.
If you are not familiar with billboards, they are flat images used to generate LOD, wich is what you see before you get close to objects.
They can be used with SSELODGen (easier to use) or DyndoLOD (for more experienced users).

*Now also supports Dyndolod 3D ultra tree lod* 

This mod only changes the aspen trees, n
o grass or landscape touched.
For a complete spring overhaul of the Rift you will need matching green grass and landscape textures
and for that I highly recommend 
Landscapes-Cathedral Concept
The Elder Scrolls - Veydosebrom

~Colors may be slightly different depending on the Enb~
~The one in the screenshots is Rudy Enb the Obsidian preset~

Just install with your favorite mod manager and enjoy!
The mod is compatible with everything except mods that touch the aspen trees.
If you have tree overhauls that change the meshes and/or textures of the aspen trees,
you need to make this mod load after them and overwrite anything it needs to.


Big thanks to:

Tree LOD Billboard Creator
(All assets used with permission)