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An overhaul of the aspen trees aiming to create the feel of a realistic seasonal forest.
Bigger trees, spring and autumn leaf colors to choose from, different barks to choose from,
new sapling models featuring Aspens Ablaze meshes, optimised 3D meshes for Dyndolod.
2K and 4K options available. No plugin, just meshes and textures.

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  • An overhaul of the aspen trees aiming to create the feeling of a realistic seasonal forest.
  • Complete rework of the previous version, made from scratch. More details in the changelog.

    • Bigger tree models. Some are huge and towering above the others.
    • New high quality textures made from AI upscaled and cleaned vanilla textures.
    • Two color options provided, one for spring season featuring dark green, light green and yellow leaves,
      and one for autumn season featuring red, orange and dark yellow leaves.
    • Two bark options provided, one dark brown in the style of oak and linden trees,
      and one vanilla in the style of aspen and birch trees. 
    • Different trees have different leaf and bark textures for variety in both seasons.
    • New saplings (young trees) featuring the awesome models from Aspens Ablaze by mindflux,
      with hand calibrated textures to match the colors and feel of the rest of the trees.
    • For those that don't want the new Aspens Ablaze saplings, an option is given to keep the vanilla meshes,
      enlarged and following the texture scheme of the big ones.
    • New texture for the fall forest shrub made from cleaned and upscaled vanilla texture,
      it comes in two color variations matching the Spring and Autumn season. 
    • New handmade and optimised 3D lod meshes and lod textures for each and every option of the above to be used with Dyndolod, for the best visual results for distant lod.
    • Textures come in 2K and 4K resolution to choose.

  • Just install with your favorite mod manager and enjoy!
  • The mod is compatible with everything except mods that do the same thing.
  • If you have tree overhauls that change the meshes and/or textures of the aspen trees,
you need to make this mod load after them and overwrite anything it needs to.

  • The screenshots of the new 2.0 version are with my own enb preset.
  • It's a very vanilla style enb when it comes to colors so the trees might be a lot more vibrant depending on your enb setup. 

  • Fadingsignal and vurt for helping me out when I started making this mod years back.
  • Mindflux who kindly gave me permission to use some of his awesome aspen tree assets.