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A Cottage in the Rift by Lake Geir and the Dark Water Falls reveals a tradgick family story and gives you the chance to be a hero and a rescuer. This is a small quest - half to one hour playtime. It can give you a nice player home, and even a family. The story will adopt to the players gender.

Permissions and credits
This is my first Dungeon mod and its a neat little adventure. As my other housemod this is based on my Extended Vanilla Family Framework. I will make a skript to generate patches for EVAFF and publish instructions later. The mod adapts to the gender of the player - so you can be a Hero and save a Lady in distress or a Heroine and save a Ladd in distress. And a child.

The cottage is located between the Sarenthi Farm and Nilheim, just north of the treasure hunters. Examine the Cotttage and you will find the quest.

The Quest
Its a small "save from bandits" adventure - but you realy have to search for the bandit den - no cheating marker. There are some optional ways to save the victims. It's fully voiced - with vanilla voices.

The Marriage/Adoption posibility
If youre not married (or have more than one adopted child) the adventure gives you a chance for marriage. One chance, it doesn't come back. No amulet of Mara - but it links in to the Marriage quest. That vanilla don't offers the posibility to marry any single parents is quite boring - so here you go.

Player Home
This is a posible playerhome with working vanilla marriage/adoption. So if you don't make use of the Quest marriage possibility, you can still have the Cottage and move your family there. There are bookshelves, alchemy station and stations for armory and weapons. You cant change the use of the house as for now - so you got a kitchen, a master bedroom and a childrens room.

Mods altering the location might be a problem, but this is not an area with a lot of mods. A mod that alters tha marriage and adoption system might affect the marriage story - but I think it will work annyway. Mods altering the Temple of Mara or the Vildemyr Inn interior might cause truble.
The Extended Vanilla Family Framework that I used for this mod and for my other housmod - White Hawk Inn - are in conflict with itself. It needs a patch. Im working on a script for generating patches and will publish that and EVAFF for other moders. You can use Dark Water Falls and White Hawk Inn at the same time - but you can only use one house. Make sure to place that mod after the other in the load order.
As for the EVHF it will conflict with any mod that alters the marriage or adoption systems. If you whant another system to override just place it after this mod.