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A Inn and a farm in Hjaalmarch, by Frost River, close to Dragonbridge. The farm can be bought and supports marriage and adoption.

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The White Hawk Inn is south of Dragonbride in Hjaalmarch. There are some NPCs located in the inn with own life. There are the owners, a bard, a drunk, a hunter and a traveling merchant. In the cellar you can find other guest that rents the room there. The Merchant travels to Dragonbridge and Morthal.

The Inn
The Inn is runned by Egon and his wife. They have two beds for rent on the ground floor and some other accommodations in the celler(for NPCs).

Player home
The Gildgrim Farm is next to the Inn. It is ruined by a dragon attack and the two farmers are distressed. The player can buy the farm and buy upgrades from the Innkeeper. There are a lot of options for the farm inside and outside. If you get a childs room you can adopt two children. The house supports marriage by use of my system EVAFF - Extended Vanilla Family Framework - that i will share as soon as I have created a TES5Edit-script for patching.

If the player buys the house Algor and Olga will move to Stonehill.

You can get a library, a guesthall, a bar, alchemy and enchantment stations. The kitchen can be upgraded. Outside you can build a stable, a forge, a mill, and get animals. You can decide to grow wheat or vegetables.

This is my first larger mod, I run Skyrim and Creation Kit under Linux. I don't have SSE and will not get it until SAE works well under Linux.

Marriage and Adoption
The Marriage and Adoption is intergrated with the Vanilla system and I plan to release the house scripst for other moders but I need to create a script for patching multiple houses.

Your spouse will be outside the house during the day - I never liked the fact that they sit inside almost all the time.

If you whant to use a mod that alters the vanila marriage or adoption system - like Hearthfire multiple Adoptions - you have to place that mod after White Hawk Inn mod.

Might have some problem with mods altering the same area. Guthorm might have some truble traveling due to changes to Morthal or Dragonbridge.
The Extended Vanilla Family Framework that I used for this mod and for my other housmod - Dark Water Falls - are in conflict with itself. It needs a patch. Im working on a script for generating patches and will publish that and EVAFF for other moders. You can use Dark Water Falls and White Hawk Inn at the same time - but you can only use one house. Make sure to place that mod after the other in the load order.

Cutting room floor
This module can intergrate with the Frost River Farm from the Cutting room floor module. You will need the CRF patch. If you whant to use CRF and Dragon Bridge South Side, there is a combined patch that you use instead of that and the DBSS CRF patch. DBSS without CRF does not need any patch.