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Border outposts for the Holds of Skyrim, guarded by the current owner of the Hold based on the Civil War.

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Classic/Legendary Edition | Special/Anniversary Edition

This is a fork of my old Hold Borders Consistency Patch which does not require any other mods - many border outposts have been rebuilt from scratch to better match the feel of the holds they guard, the terrain they are built in, and for compatibility with other mods.


  • 31 guarded border gates covering all main roads between all holds and neighbouring provinces.
  • All border guards change with the Civil War.
    • As the war progresses and more forts come under the control of either faction, the guards at the borders will increase.
    • An Imperial or Stormcloak banner at the border indicates which faction controls the hold's military fort.
    • You may see new fights at the borders if the hold's fort is not under the same control as the hold itself.
  • All border gates (except the vanilla Shor's Watchtower and Whitewatch Tower) marked on the map using an unused vanilla map marker (Morthal Castle).


Not Compatible with Immersive Hold Borders and the Consistency Patch, as this is a replacement for those.
Not Compatible with Man Those Borders as it most likely edits the same areas (and would be redundant).

Compatible (and tested) with Touring Carriages, Hold Border Banners and Open Civil War.

Technically Compatible with The Second Great War, but no Dominion guards are included - it should however remove Imperial or Stormcloak guards automatically. I may create a compatibility patch again which adds Dominion guards to Dominion-controlled holds if that is requested.

Should be compatible with ETaC, JK's Skyrim, and other Town/City mods as none of the borders are close to settlements.

Should be compatible with Unique Border Gates, Guarded Borders and Beyond Skyrim as the border camps on the province borders are further down the road from the gates themselves.

If you come across any compatibility issues, let me know, and I'll try to patch them if I can.


This mod includes the Unofficial Patch retexture of the Reach/Markarth banner from USLEEP. Ensure to load your texture replacers after this mod.

This mod has been cleaned manually. Some ITM NavMesh records exist by design to ensure compatible pathfinding. LOOT seems to put it in a sensible place in the load order, but if you're having pathfinding issues, move Hold Border Guards Anniversary.esp further down the list.