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Slider Addon for RaceMenu/Modders Resource. Controls mouth height (teeth) independently of the lips. Now for LE!

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This was put together from the resources and instructions ´╗┐by Spongeman131 found here. While obsolete for RaceMenu SE, it's still handy for RaceMenu LE. Works for humans and elves (just not beast races.)

Original Mod Description:

I've often found that the teeth position for the various mouth shapes in character editors such as RaceMenu never seem to quite match up with the lips (this is not expired's fault). As a result smiles and other facial expressions involving the mouth look terrible.

Manual edits in-game involving sculpting are imprecise and run the risk of offsetting the teeth to the side if you're not careful.

This resource will allow you to manipulate the position of the mouth/teeth independently of the lips so you can always get that perfect smile. Available for both human males and females.

NTS: Sliders allow for vertical movement up or down by 0.4 units (z-axis) and forward or back by 0.5 units (y-axis).