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Adds a 1% chance of encountering a non-hostile ghost upon picking a deathbell. Ghosts will proceed to ForceGreet and say a line and then vanish. Now for LE!

Permissions and credits
This is simply a port of the original SE mod, made with the permission of the author, Starshipcaptain. Thanks to Starshipcaptain for the original mod! Screenshots are from the original mod page. If you like this mod, consider downloading and endorsing the original.

Original Mod Description:


Within one book in Skyrim, there is mention of a folk rumor that Deathbells grow where unfortunate deaths have taken place, this mod builds on that and makes the rumored reality. The book can be found here.

Anywhere in the wilderness. Towns, Interiors and cultivated Deathbells are excluded.

What does it look like?

Note that as of now not all lines have animations like this, it's just a personal favorite.

What Ghosts are featured right now?
Currently, there are 13 Ghosts in total.
Male: Argonian, Breton, Nord, Dunmer, Altmer, Imperial (Citizen), Imperial (Soldier), Stormcloak Soldier, Orc, Redguard, and Thalmor
Female: Breton and Nord

You can help by expanding this list

This mod is best enjoyed when you don't know it's there, forget all about it or install it on a friends pc

Voice-Actors featured:
Male Argonian: Xanatos
Male Breton: ballzmcfrenz
Male Dunmer: Laine Williams
Male Altmer: Royalleo
Male Imperial Citizen: Xanatos
Male Imperial Soldier: r0cky
Male Nord: Xanatos
Male Orc: numbertwozeldafan
Male Redguard: Royalleo
Male Stormcloak Soldier: Xanatos
Male Thalmor: DiabloJoe
Female Nord: Noolabiti
Female Breton: The Dreaming Sentinel

Special thanks to:
And 2 others from the Prometheus Discord server

For always helping me out when I had questions