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Replaces the vanilla models for Deathbrand's armor and weapons with a unique version that is much more appropriate for the legendary King of Ghosts.

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"In Dagon's name, I place a curse upon my armor, and my swords. This ship, and all it carries.
Until the day when one of you can best me in combat, you shall have not a single coin."
--Haknir Death-Brand

A while back I did a fairly simple retexture of the Stalhrim armor to create a unique, more sinister version for the Deathbrand armor.  I decided to revisit this and take it a bit further to create something truly unique.  I also decided to re-think Deathbrand's infamous swords, Soulrender and Bloodscythe.  I know there are a few mods out there that do similar things, but I decided I want to create my own vision of what a true cursed Dragon-era Ancient Nord pirate should be like.

This mod will replace Deathbrand's armor and swords with entirely new custom meshes, taking it from a generic stalhrim set to a unique swashbuckling viking cutthroat's armor.  These changes will apply to the ghost of Haknir Death-Brand as well.  I wanted to create a unique set that felt much more pirate-y.  Keeping in mind that this was not a contemporary 4th era pirate, but a legendary pirate from the time of the Dragons, I wanted to do something that would feel at home not just on a longship but also in a Nordic tomb.  To do that, I started with my stalhrim version of Yngol's Helm that I created for the original mod.  I switched the gauntlets and boots from Light to Heavy versions, which look a little more sinister with more metal and less fur.  For the cuirass, I started with a traditional Nord scale-mail armor and added stalhrim pauldrons.  I then added the steel Heartstone harness found on Ildari Sarothril and Falx Carius, and replaced the Heartstone itself with a single orb of solid stalhrim.  For the dual scimitars, I wanted to steer away from a traditional "modern" pirate cutlass, and instead opted for a more deadly scimitar shape, using the "Ebony Scimitar" from Third Era Weapons but retexturing it to an antique iron look.  I also gave Haknir an eyepatch, to indicate his infamous "death brand" scar.  All of this goes a long way to making the outfit feel much more unique and fitting to the amazing lore behind Haknir Death-Brand.

-This mod replaces both the playable versions and the versions that Haknir's ghost use.

-Because I need an .ESP to swap out the models, this probably won't play well with other "replacers."

-The eyepatch part of the helmet only works on humanoids; I still need to edit the beast race versions.

-I'd like to create daedric symbol "brands" on each piece of armor, that will glow only when you're wearing the full set; that might be beyond my abilities though.

-I might add a "heavy" version that you can craft with some extra stalhrim, for all those barbarians out there.

Bloody Scythe and Soulrender Reborne
-I still really love these versions, even if they are a little too "modern" for an ancient Nord pirate.  I'm not sure how well this will work with my mod, though; you'll want to install this one after mine so it overwrites.

Ghost Mechanics and Shaders Restored
-This mod makes ghosts look and act much more ethereal, using vanilla FX that were cut for some reason.  Haven't tested it yet, but it should make Haknir look that much nicer.

Stormcloak Armor Revivalskyrimaguas

Weapons of the Third Era747823

Stalhrim Bikini - kofman77


Outlandish Stalhrimbillyro

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