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Adds more Pauldrons and the DLC ones seperate armor pieces to the game.

Vanilla by Kai1995
SE edition by sheepswirl

Permissions and credits
Kai1995's Mod didn't include DLC content but Sheepswirls SE Mod inluded an optional file of Oldrim-nif meshes.
Credit goes to Kai1995 for the Original Mod and Sheepswirl for the meshes.
Please endorse their mods!
All I did was put the mod together.

Original Title: "Pauldrons DG and DB"
New Title: "PauldronsPlus  DG and DB" since some Vanilla Pauldrons weren't included in the Original Mod

::List of added Pauldrons::
There are three main files. Two DLC and One Plus version

  • Dawnguard
  • Snowelf/Ancient Falmer    (includes Cuirass without Pauldrons)
  • Vampire   (includes Royal armor without Pauldrons)
  • Bonemold
  • Miraak
  • Nordic Carved   (includes Cuirass without Pauldrons)
  • Stahlrim Heavy
  • Adds missing vanilla Pauldrons
  • GuildMaster
  • Thieves Guild Grey/Linwe
  • Psijic
  • Wolf/companion (with pauldronless cuirass***)

Optional Files
  • Smaller Bonemold - Resized Bonemold Pauldrons, they were too big
***see buglist

I  can't edit meshes so I can't create new Pauldrons. 
I used NifSkope and the CreationKit, Blender's nif-plugin won't work

You can craft every Pauldron (+Pauldronless Armor) at the forge. I tried to create recipes and stats that would fit the item, but if you have special wishes I can edit them.

  • I am working on the GroundMeshes. Right now dropped Pauldrons don't have physics and collision.
  • If some Pauldrons are missing textures/ won't show up on your character report it to me and I will search the mistake
  • The wolf armor pauldronless crashes the game. (At least on my end). I will try to fix this

::Coming Soon/Future Plans:: [maybe]
  • Both DLC files in one
  • More Vanilla Meshes which weren't included in original like Wolf Armor, Guild Master, Imperial and Steel Plate (Open for suggestions)

Right Pauldrons use armor slot 45 and Left Pauldrons use armor slot 44.
(All main files include two versions with different armor slots. They now use 57 and 59)
If a mod you want to use uses these slots I can change the slots for you.