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Another extra stylish outfit set by QuarantineCouture... now ported to LE. Thanks for the open permission.

Permissions and credits
Informal, hard-wearing clothing for the toughened traveler. Outfits for both male and female characters, built in 2021 as an ongoing learning exercise in this never-ending pandemic.

ALL CREDITS GO TO QuarantineCouture

Go and show support to the author by endorsing the original mod, and check out more of their work: Wilderness Witch (ported by me.), Practical Pirate (yes, you guessed it. ported by me.), and Rugged Rogue (ported by RiJoBa).

All textures are their original size -- 4k/2k, so as a disclaimer I will say that it can be quite demanding for setups with low vram. If that is the case for you, my recommendation is to check out Ordenador

No new readme (getting lazy, I know), so I will credit the tools I've used to make the port here:
SSE NIF Optimizer by ousnius to make meshes compatible with LE,
- Bethesda Archive Extractor by hexabit for quick BSA extraction,
Creation Kit by..... Bethesda for plugin conversion.

The main downloads include meshes compatible with UNP body (likely compatible with vanilla too;-p), for CBBE download the file in the optionals and overwrite the main archive. I didn't convert the Bodyslide files due to no experience whatsoever with this program -- I didn't want to mess anything up, but you're free to make your conversions and share them here on Nexus under the condition that you credit the original author

Special edition super nice amazing thanks to QuarantineCouture for not only leaving the permissions open but also uploading the original dxt5 normals. This made my job very much easier. 

If you encounter any problems or have questions, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

My screenshots and mods featured:
- ENB --> Snapdragon Prime with tweaked brightness
- Weather mod --> Obsidian Weathers
- Base textures --> Noble 2k
- Male model --> Inigo, with Inigo the Suave replacer
- Female model --> my oc, lol
- Poses --> ILV Poser


Toughened Traveler outfits for Skyrim SE
  • Outfits for both male and female characters, built in 2021 as an ongoing learning exercise in this never-ending pandemic. Informal, hard-wearing clothing for the toughened traveler.

  • Female variants based around UNP body, in case that matters.

  • Created using Marvelous Designer, Modo, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Outfit Studio. (That last one was incredibly useful for getting things into Skyrim, many thanks to everyone involved!)

Location and Crafting

  • Includes outfits and a pattern book should you wish to craft new instances.


  • Use a mod manager or copy the contents of 'Data' into your Skyrim SE 'Data' folder and add 'toughened_traveler.esp' to your addons list.

Known Bugs

  • Mesh weighting isn't perfect, but should be free of the most egregious clipping etc.


  • Do anything you like with these models and textures, so long as you credit me (QuarantineCouture) for the outfit meshes and textures, and dimon99 et al for the UNP body mesh.