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A simple conversion of Practical Pirate Outfit mod for SSE backported to work on LE. All credits to go to the author -- QuarantineCouture. Thanks for the open permission!

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More informal, hard-wearing clothing for the discerning adventurer.

Outfit for both male and female characters, built late in 2020 as an ongoing learning exercise in quarantine. 

ALL CREDITS GO TO QuarantineCouture

Be sure to check out the rest of their works: Wilderness Witch (already ported by yours truly) and Rugged Rogue (which has already been uploaded to LE by RiJoBa :)) ) And if you like it, endorse the original mod to show the author support. Another backport of an excellent Practical Pirate Outfit mod to work on Legendary Edition. Textures are untouched and left in their original resolution (4k). This time I didn't even have to compress the normal maps, since the author was so considerate as to upload the Photoshop originals in DXT5 format specially for the conversion purpose. Great. 

The main file is for the UNP type body, but I suspect that it will also fit vanilla. The CBBE version is available in the Optional Files -- just overwrite the main file. As for the Bodyslide conversions, I do not know whether simply optimising nifs to LE will suffice, so I left those alone. You are free to make your own conversions and share them on NexusMods.

Again, if you run into any problems, do not hesitate to leave a comment, and I will see what I can do. 

Tools used to make a conversion are credited in the readme file. 

The weapons used in my screenshots are: Scorpion Scimitar and Alik'r Dragontail by billyro.

//update 1.1: I have included the update details in the changelog. I will not be backporting the HDT SMP version, since XML files are too complicated to port. Bodyslide conversions available on Nexus should be still compatible with the new version since they overwrite the original mod's meshes, and afaik the textures remain unchanged.//

Practical Pirate outfit for Skyrim SE
  • Practical and stylish outfit for both male and female characters with full weight slider support, built late in 2020 as a learning exercise in quarantine. Close to a remake of the earlier Rugged Rogue outfits, but with lessons learned. More informal, hard-wearing clothing for the discerning adventurer.

  • Female variants based around UNP body, in case that matters, and there is an optional CBBE patch and Outfit Studio / Bodyslide files for download too.

  • Created using Marvelous Designer, Modo, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Outfit Studio. (That last one was incredibly useful for getting things into Skyrim, many thanks to everyone involved!)

Location and Crafting

  • There's a chest next to the wreck of the Brinehammer, northwest of Dawnstar. Includes outfits and a pattern book should you wish to craft new instances.


  • Use a mod manager or copy the contents of 'Data' into your Skyrim SE 'Data' folder and add 'practical_pirate.esp' to your addons list.
  • The ESP file is ESL flagged, so won't take up an extra plugin slot in Skyrim SE. In Skyrim VR, it ignores that but loads normally without problems.

Known Bugs

  • Mesh weighting isn't perfect, but should be free of the most egregious clipping etc.


  • Do anything you like with these models and textures, so long as you credit me (QuarantineCouture) for the outfit meshes and textures, and dimon99 et al for the UNP body mesh