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QuarantineCouture - Myst

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Simple Bodyslide conversion of this awesome outfit by QuarantineCouture

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Saw that mod trending, and got the sudden urge to convert it. Guess this one stays here, given the original is here too.

The original mod is Practical Pirate Outfit by QuarantineCouture

Requirements as usual:


If you dont know how to install BHUNP bodyslide conversions, you shouldn't be here yet. Go watch some tutorials first, get familiar with bodyslide, how to generate meshes, and then get a functional install of BHUNP, which should be fairly simple if you follow the steps on the description

If you already know how all about using bodyslide to generate meshes, as well as installing BHUNP and physics settings, you only need to run the BS generator and play.

OPTIONS!!! - Check below for info on that.


  • I mentioned BHUNP - Lite, cause thats my mod, and thats the thing I used to build outfits on. It's the same as BHUNP but with a few less polys, a hybrid between the old UUNP and BHUNP combinining fancy features and a bit less performance strain.
  • If you dont trust my mod and absolutely want nothing to do with it, there's also a full BHUNP version on the Bodyslide generator.
  • There are 2 possible options for the main armor: 3BBB (Has 3 breast bones, that's normal BHUNP) or BHUNP-Lite (That's my version, has 2 breast bones, and works on any proper HDT setting)

to the original author of the pirate outfit, QuarantineCouture, thanks a lot for being one of the awesome ones that publishes on free permissions.
As well as the usual folk responsible for Skyrim outfit modding as we know it, Caliente, Ousnius, Bakafactory...