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A holy sword, designed after the legendary sword of the goddess Ianna, from the game Severance: Blade of Darkness alternatively titled Blade: The Edge of Darkness.

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BladeSeverance: Blade of Darkness or alternatively titled Blade: The Edge of Darkness, was the OG Dark Souls of its time. Released in the early 2000s, It was a spanish game that developed somewhat of a cult-classic fandom over the years, due to its revolutionary combat system, gory visuals, and compelling epic journey.
The general story of it, was the player started as one of 4 classes, Barbarian, Amazon, Knight or Dwarf, and had to make their way through a series of levels in different breathtakinly amazing locations, fighting enemies like orcs, dark knights, mythological creatures, vampires and demons, with the objective of finding the sacred sword of Ianna, which was the only weapon capable of vanquishing evil.

In this mod, I decided to recreate the sword entirely from scratch. If you look around, you can find other iterations of this very same sword made by other modders, but I wanted this to be my take on it, and I've added some mechanical functionalities to it, that work in game closer to what the original sword did. Most of it is based on my previous scripting from my other mod the Vorpal Blade.


Same as any mod. It's preferable to use a mod manager like Mod Organizer or Vortex.
Manual: Files go on Skyrim's Data Folder, the plugin goe with the other esp/esm files, use the launcher to activate it.

Location (Plus headcanon):

Since I'm a fan of paralel universes theory, Ianna, the mother goddess of all things Light, is known as Mara in Nirn.

Under the Temple of Mara, in Riften, there is a basement, and in it, there is a hidden trapdoor that only the chosen ones are supposed to find.
It is said that the Temple of Mara, was built to guard the entrance to the real secret temple of Mara/Ianna, where the sword awaits for the chosen one.

PS: I'm a lazy modder, so the secret temple is purely for aesthetic purposes, I wouldn't recommend exploring it much, since I didn't add items, quests, or even navmeshes to it, there is just the temple, and the sword.

About the sword:

  • It's one handed, but on equip, a power can be called to configure it, and it can become two handed
  • It can change the color of its enchantment from blue (original) to gold, or just nothing at all
  • It uses the bloodskal beam mechanic, so power attacks release waves of energy. As optional feature, if you also have my Bloodskal Beams mod, the beam mechanics can offer up some extra customization.
  • The Light of Ianna is also a sword effect that causes the sword to carry a light that can help its carrier to venture into dark places. IT can be switched on and off thouth the customizing power.

Issues, probably FAQ:

Q: "The scabbard looks like absolute TRASH!!"
A: I'm aware that floating scabbard is cringeworthy, but I added one anyway, cause I figure a sacred sword deserved a decent scabbard... Lore-wise, a true champion would want to treat a sacred item with some respect, so they would find it a scabbard.
But if you truly can't stand it, here is what I suggest:
  • Use the optional "No Scabbard" pack, which I added on the optionals.
  • Use XPMSE RaceMenu Weapons label, where you'll find sliders to customize almost every bone. Just type "showracemenu" on the console, go to Weapons, look for "Sword" and the sliders can reposition the scabbard -and sword- to a more proper position. This is the option I use, I do the same with my Vorpal sword. The problem is the hilts are just too fanct and vanilla Skyrim skeleton position just can't handle the fancyness.

Q: "I can't see any customization power, and BTW, I'm also using iEquip"

A: iEquip, is an excellent mod which I use myself, but for some reason, it corrupts certain script mechanics, causing certain events on scripts pertaining world items (iE swords) to not fire. For this, the only known solution I got, is to drop the item to the ground, and pick it up again so the sript gets properly initialized and the abilities start to function. I explained more about this on my Vorpal Blade mod, but tu put it again on this one seemed a bit reduntant.

RebelAct Studios made the original game which served as inspiration fot he sword. I'm not sure who holds the rights these days.
All models and textures and scripts were originally created by me, and the scripting works is also the help legacy of my lost friend GenioMaestro who taught me everything I know about scripts.

There is also my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
And I'm now launching my brand new modding Discord. Feel free to join.