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Adds re-useable, multi-colored Bloodskal-beam enchantment to the game woth customizable leveled damage, also changes the visuals of vanilla enchantments on weapons.

Permissions and credits

Introduces bloodskal-type sword beams into the world as re-useable enchantments. Also makes more changes described below.
This could've been many separate small mods, but that's not economic, so I just included all my changes in one pack amd called it an overhaul.

Bloodskal Beam Enchantment:
  • It adds a variety of Bloodskal weapon beam enchantments to the game; To obtain them, you can collect the lost weapons scattered around the world and learn their effects.
  • After you learn them, they can be re-used at any enchantment altar and applied to your weapon of choice.
  • Using the beams, has a mana and charge cost.
  • The beams are skill leleved, which means as you progress your skills, the damage and effects the beams have will level up with you. IE, regular elemental damage, is related to Destruction skill, poison damage, to Sneak, holy damage, uses Restoration.
  • As of version 3.0, the damage formula is configurable by MCM menu.
  • Conjured weapons are also capable of throwing beams in V2.0, this requires the proper conjuration perks to work.
  • Daedric (And some Aedric) artifacts, no longer spend charge, unless told otherwise (Customizable by MCM since V3.2)
  • Some artifacts, can also fire the colored bloodskal beams now (IE, Dawnbreaker creates Holy beams capable of disintegrating the undead).
Vanilla Enchantments Visuals
  • Vanilla enchantments, now have visuals associated with them, see screens to get an idea.
  • Bloodskal enchantment, also has magic visuals on the weapon, those are recolored versions of the Elemental Fury effect.
Poison Mechanics
  • I've added a new contact-hit enchantment: Poison. It can be combined with regular poisons since the system is completely separate. Poison-enabled weapons will be found as normal loot.
  • Poison arrows: they can be found throughout the world, and they can also be crafted via lesser power that's added automatically to your spell list. Keep in mind ANY poison can work in this system and its potency has no significance as it works with a different poison system that lasts longer, but does less damage. It poisons 10 arrows per vial of poison.
Magnus Staff
  • I've changed the way the magnus staff works. it still has the same functionality as before, but now, in addition, if you block while using it, you will cast an impenetrable magic barrier that will consume your magic as it is maintained.
Healing Magic:
  • Given the proper perk, healing magic that affects others now also has a damage effect on hostile undead and a different color effect on friendly undead

Credits to MonkeyAngie for the video.

This may conflict with other mods that alter the vanilla enchantments in some way. Also contains records that affect daedric artifacts, a few falmer NPCs (to give them poison-enchanted weapons) and healing magic spells (adds new effects), other than that, it's meant to get along with almost everything. I'll consider making patches, or perhaps uploading a guide to solve conflicts via TES5Edit if specific conflicts become an issue.


  • Zim's Immersive Artifacts (Full plugin) The changes I've made, add features of this mod to magical artifact items, which ZIA also changes, so this patch combines features of both mods.
  • Ordinator Since this mod's V2.0, some effects, specifically the healing and the conjured weapon ones, require perks to work, which have been changed to Ordinator ones.
  • Vokrii Some effects were made compatible by combining records from both mods.
  • Reliquary of Myth Alternative to ZIM, tweaks artifacts as well, optional patch in the files section.

To Update:
Safest way to update a mod is usually to remove it completely and try again.
  • Put all items you or your followers might be wearing somewhere safe, save your game
  • Exit, remove the mod.
  • Reload, wait a few seconds, save again.
  • Exit, use something like SaveCleaner to "remove orphan scripts".
  • Repeat step 3.
  • Exit, install the new version.
  • Play.

Note that this way will probably remove any custom items you have created, and it will reset the chests to containing the lost weapons even if you already looted them and learned the effect, this will undo everything related to the mod.
As of V3.2, the MCM has a new label, so earlier versions being updated to this, necessarily need the clean save process or else, the MCM wont show any options.

The lost weapons are found in specific boss chests, once.

To see the locations, refer to the screenshot section.
There is a total of 9 Bloodskal beam enchantments with different properties, which are as follows:
  • The Dancing Flame: Located on Sky Haven temple armory, damage type Fire.
  • Thunderstrike: Located on that chest at the entrance of High Hrothgar, damage type Shock.
  • Frostweave: Located on a chest neat Septimus Signus' Outpost, damage type Frost.
  • Vampire's Will: Located on Dimhollow Crypt, damage type Absorb Health.
  • Scholar's Insight: Located on the Midden, under Winterhold's College, on that room with the hand, damage type Drain Magicka.
  • The Final Rest: Located on a chest on Bonestrewn Crest dragon lair, damage type Drain Stamina
  • Basilisk Fang: Located outside the first Dark Brotherhood lair, near Shadowmere's swamp, damage type Poison.
  • Oblivion's Bane: Located on the Soul Cairn, next you where you find Valerica for the first time on the Dawnguard questline, damage type Soul Trap - Banish
  • Paladin's Justice: Located near Potema's throne upon finishing "The Wolf Queen Awakened", damage type Holy (turn undead)

As a bonus, the following vanilla artifacts are capable of throwing the beams: Dawnbreaker, Mace of Molag Bal, Volendrung, Ebony Blade, Mehrune's Razor (unique black beam type), Harkon's Sword, Chillrend.

As a friend's request, I've added one extra bloodskal magic type: Death beam. It has 30% chance of insta-kill, and it can only be obtained from an upgraded version of the original Bloodskal blade, it can be crafted at forges, provided you have the necessary ingredients. The recipe should be found at the Black Book near exiting the Bloodskal Blade dungeon, after defeating Zahkriisos.


  • May be slow to throw beams on slower machines. Lesser lag (IE 1-2 seconds), probably means the system is busy with tons of scripts, greater lag (IE 30+ seconds) means the game is overloaded with scripts and can't work as intended.
  • Some times, daggers or axes can double-throw a beam on a single strike, did my best to put constraints on the script, but sometimes it still slips through the cracks.
  • If you try it on a game where you have already plundered the specific chests, the weapons might not be there, It's recommended to try this on a new game for that matter. Alternatively, just use the console to add the desired weapon directly to inventory (or possibly wait for the next cell reset, but I have not tried this).

Remove any custom item you have enchanted from your or your followers' inventory, Save and then exit. Then remove the mod. You may want to use Save Cleaner on your save after.

  • Myst42 AKA Me.
  • GenioMaestro for being my script mentor and helping a lot to get this thing running.
  • Mahtawa AKA Sir Artsy for random idea that kickstarted this entire project.
  • ChizFoShiz(ImbuedWeapons), 184Gesu(ColorfulMagic), Sinobol(Animated Enchantments Overhaul), SpiderAkiraC(SeeEnchantments), Aetherius(Enchantments Upgraded) and Myopic(Enchantment Effect Replacer). Mostly because taking a look at their mods allowed me to edit my own stuff in this mod.



  • If it's a mayor bug, I will try to fix it asap.
  • If it's just a random "can you do this or that" I will consider it, provided it's a good idea (AKA an idea I like).
  • If you just want to remove some feature of this mod and keep only a specific separate feature, then you're in bad luck, cause I'm a very lazy modder and I dont feel like making custom versions for each person who doesn't like the tiny details. PS: Learn to TES5Edit, it's fairly easy to remove features from this mod, if you have a mild understanding of what to do with that program. It's actually the easiest modding tool out there.

On Criticism and Trolling:

Since the Skyrim community is always so eager to criticize everything, I will say this once here, and ignore any further comment on the subject:
I mod for myself, my friends, and the random unknown people who might enjoy what I did. I'm not some god of modding, and I just do random humble stuff in the limited time I have.

If [You] whoever you are, don't like it, feel free to go... far, far away... You were doing fine without me or my mod so far, and I'm pretty sure the internet is large enough for all of us. : D

There is also my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
And I'm now launching my brand new modding Discord. Feel free to join.