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A legendary daedric artifact with some special abilities.

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"One, two! One, two! And through and through
The Vorpal Blade went snicker-snack!
He left it dead, and with its head
He went galumphing back.

Oblivion Version Here

The Vorpal Sword is a legendary daedric artifact born out of the feverish ramblings of a certain Daedric Prince (Or in my head canon's lore case, PrincESS)

Yeah, yeah, I know Sheo is a bearded old man when you do the quest, but daedric lords can shapeshift into whatever the hell they want anyway.

There have been many incarnations of this weapon, it has even served as a kitchen knife in a few of them. But regardless of shape, it always served its purpose, and went off with many heads.
The sword has a way of reflecting things, even itself sometimes, but it teaches us that reflections, may yet reveal different aspects of things that are not always so evident to the naked eye.



Well, It's a sword. What can I say.
There is a small quest to get it, it begins when you acquire the Wabbajack for the first time.
Prove your worthiness to the Prince, and you'll be allowed a quick trip to the Isles to retrieve the artifact.

The sword has several functional gimmicks to it, from the ability to change itself into a dark version, to a spell that summons a bound twin, the ability to change it's grip from/to one-handed to two-handed, and the option to customize visual effects and charge consuption. The sword is also empowered with blooskal-beam-type magic so you can throw ranged magic strikes on power attacks.
It's also fully compatible and integrated with my Bloodskal Beams mod, and though it's not a requirement, it's recommendable to play the mod with it.

After you complete the quest, replicas becomes craftable, but still require daedric smithing. Replicas can change change their grip and be enchanted, but they wont have the native vorpal-daedric magic that allows magic beams or vorpal spells.




Get the Wabbajack, and either immediately, or some time later, a note should drop into your pocket, read it to start the quest.
It's not a complex quest at all, just some mini task to make some kind of narrative to it. I can't make proper full scale quests as I'd like to.
If you find yourself stuck, remember you only need to perform the ritual with the cheese items on your inventory to advance, that's all. The ritual is automatically added to your spell list when you read the note, it's on Illusion. You just need to cast it, and succeed at it.
Since at least someone got stuck on a different part, here's the detail:


There is a small problem with iEquip which causes the native sword script (ObjectReference type) to not be initialized. As a result, the sword swapping functions that change the sword from/to 1H-2H and light-dark are a bit bugged, at least at first. This issue causes the sword to not add or remove the function spells that it should on equip/unequip events. This is an issue with iEquip where objects added by AddItem function do not get their scripts initialized, there was nothing I could do to fix this. However, I found a bypass and adding the items from a chest seems to provide better results and work at least for me.
The first stime you make any kind of sword change however, they will still be bugged, and the only solution is to drop them to the ground and pick them up again, this ensures the sword script is forced to initialize.


Bloodskal Magic Overhaul: My bloodskal beams mod that allows a mechanic to better control the beams' damage.
AllGUD: for all sorts of equipment gimmicks. I already provided meshes for it in the main pack so no need to run the patcher, Also made bound vorpal twins fully compatible, so they wont interfere with AllGUD's gear functions.
Weapon Speed Fix: My fixing mod for super high speed weapons. I mention it for shameless self-advertising and because since technically the vorpal can be intrinsecally considered a "dual weapon", perhaps the only one at that, dual weapon speed perks have a nasty way of going wrong with certain mods.


"-I'm stuck, this thing doesnt work!-"
A: Did you read the instructions? The quest guide paragraph should help you.
If getting the note it your problem, it's called "Strange Note", maybe you can add it through console or smth.

"-Scripts? nah, scripts are dangerous and they kill your game-"
That's a myth and a filthy lie. Scripts dont kill games, bad coding, mod incompatibilities, and especially wrong load order does. Scripts dont "lower your framerate" either. That can usually be achieved by an excess of high poly meshes and high res textures. Add graphic modifications and you got yourself a recipe for low framerate, but scripts had nothing to do with it, unless of course, it's actual bad coding.

"-What about SE version?-"
It has been tested on SE by friends and I'm told it works fine, provided you can convert the esp file with the CK, though I can't be sure. Test it, and come back to report if you want, that'd be helpful. If it doesnt, maybe I'll try to take care of it eventually.


The sword, the meshes, the textures and scripts were made by me, with Blender. Except for the magic effects which were made by Bethesda
The scripts were tested and improved with the help of GenioMaestro
Some flora meshes and textures were made by HaemProjects, credits to the awesomeness they put in their mod, Project AHO
I also used one of Humus' cubemaps converted for Skyrim by Billyro


If you like this mod, endorse it, If you don't, don't be a dick and move along.

There is my Twitter where I post most of my stuff
I got a Discord. Feel free to join.