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For the romantic in all of us! By popular demand, all City/Town overhauls in the series have been consolidated into one mod.

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Overhauls eight major cities and towns in Skyrim and Solstheim.

       Now available for Skyrim SE 

The objectives of this series were:
- Beautification
- Enhanced Functionality
- Support for Spirituality and Lore
Merchants have been created where desperately needed. Ruined buildings are restored and occupied. 
Whiterun and Solitude each have new, low-overhead entry points on their Eastern sides. 
Most of the cites have hidden loot chests with useful items.

Further descriptions for each location can be found here:
Divine Whiterun             Serene Solitude
Righteous Riften            Magical Markarth
Winsome Windhelm       Rockin' Raven Rock
Waxing Winterhold         Romantic Riverwood

The individual mods above have been available for some time and updates were made in response to user feedback.
No weather changes are included as most people prefer to use separate weather mods. 

Important Note
If you are replacing existing mods from this series, it would be best to start a new game, or begin with a clean save.
When the original mods were combined, some renumbering of items was necessary, so a fresh start is a good idea. 

Players have been known to accomplish the impossible, this is true.
But it is normally advised to select and apply just one overhaul mod to a given location.

This combined overhaul was created because everyone is looking to make room for all their mods.  
It was not possible to engineer an ESL flagged .esp, or an .esm, but you still free up 7 slots.

Natural Prosperity can also help by including a number of fixes and adjustments in one .esp.

May the light of Akatosh, and all the Divines shine upon you.


This mod is not made, guaranteed, or supported by Microsoft, Zenimax, Bethesda Game Studios, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Green Bay Packers, or any of their affiliates. You can support it all you want. There is that good old “endorse” button up there.