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A Nord male preset that looks younger and smoother than the original hard-looking Nord men of Skyrim. Adult content only in linked mods.

Permissions and credits
Some Background 

I was searching for a young and pretty Nord Male preset, but all seem to be specifically for Skyrim SE, so I decided to make my own version for normal Skyrim. Specifically, I saw this mod by PoeticAnt44, and I found it so lovely but I don't want to move to SE as currently my game is hardly based on LE mods. Instead, I used the mods that they used, which also exist for the normal Skyrim version and created my own young male Nord. I am really proud of him, so I thought I'd introduce him to the world, because he deserves it. 

Hard Requirements

These are requirements that are needed in order to make the preset work and also to achieve the young, smooth and pretty look it advertises. So:

Soft Requirements 

These are requirements like hair, eyes and armor which you can choose for yourself. Personally, I used: 

Non-Racemenu option
In case you don't want to change the UI of your game and you want to have the original Skyrim menus, what you can do is download all the required mods listed here. You will probably get a slightly altered look, but basically you want to choose the last Nord preset from the slider, remove the war paint, and adjust the lips, nose, eye color and jaw shape accordingly. From the listed mods, Face Light is the only one that requires SKSE and SkyUI, so you can omit it. 


There's some discoloration between the SAM Light body and the face texture color from the Pretty Face mod. It's only noticeable on the neck though, where the change happens. For now I have covered this by using a Travel Cloak from the Cloaks of Skyrim Mod. But you can also choose any armor to cover the difference. I am sorry, I am too lazy to try to fix this for now. 


  • Manually: Extract the zip file into your The Elder Scrolls Skyrim/Data folder. 
  • Mod Manager: Simply select the zip file to load.  
 In Racemenu, go to the Presets tab and load the Kieran preset from the list.

Optional Roleplay

Follow story on Archives of our Own | Remnants of the Middle Dawn

Future Updates 
  • Fix for Discoloration Issue 


All the creators mentioned in the required mods section and PoeticAnt44, whose mod inspired me. The name Van Hallan is inspired by the Rock Band Van Halen.