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8k Retexture of the galaxy of Nirn. 4 Versions to choose from (stars are 2k)!
Images below have been downscaled tremendously (from 8k down to 1k) to upload to Nexus, so a lot of quality has been lost in the process (please view in game for the true high quality they really are).
Note: these 8k textures will not reduce FPS.

Permissions and credits
Four Versions to Choose From:






Click Here For 
Skyrim SE Version

Click Here for My Moon Retexture

Update (Change Log)

02/06/21: Version 1.1  All files converted to BC3/DXT5. This will prevent any crashes and makes texture files 100% compatible with Skyrim LE. If you downloaded version 1, download this new version 1.1 and overwrite previous version (or simply delete and install this new version). Upgraded to 1.1 from version 1 is perfectly safe to do mid-play through.

02/06/21: Version 1 Ported to Skyrim LE. Includes all changes made in SE version.

What does this mod do:

1. Retextures the Stars and Galaxy with HD textures and high quality detail (Note: most screen shots are with enb (ones with "glow") and some are vanilla.
2. This is part of a series of overhauling all sky textures.
3. Each part of the series will be released in phases (this is the stars and galaxy phase of course). 
4. All textures in the overhaul will be in the same mood and atmosphere as these (matching). 

Why create this mod:
1. Starting a collection of retextures of all of Skyrim.
2. A possible upscale and rework of popular mods collections in works as well.

1. There are 4 versions of Galaxies 
a. High- Fantasy: Very bright blue and red Galaxy with a blackhole at the center (this is a WIP)
b. Mid-Fantasy: Butterfly Galaxy that spreads across the sky.
c. Low-Fantasy: A fine line between real and fantasy is the Milky Way Galaxy in full view and dominating the sky.
d. Realistic and Vanilla friendly: The Milky Way Galaxy in a subtle toned down version that fades in with the sky. 
2. Each Galaxy version above is only galaxy retexture, a high quality and detailed retexture of the stars is an optional file.
a. See optional download for file for stars only.

How to install:
1. Choose which version you prefer (only choose one at a time, you may choose other versions if you want to try them all out,  just overwrite previous version installed, or delete previous version and install other version). If installing an optional file over a main file, you will need to completely delete the original main file mod and then install the optional file along with the new version). It is safe to do this mid play through (trying all 4 version will not hurt your save, they are only textures files, but make a back up save to be safe).
2. Read "Files" above for more information or go to the download section and read the file information there for more information regarding versions.
3. Use your preferred mod manager to install the file (I recommend Mod Organizer 2).
a. Or... manually download and install directly into Skyrim Special Edition>Data (I highly recommend Mod Organizer 2).
5. After downloading main file, if you prefer to have the star retexture as well, simply download the optional file and merge with main file.
a. Or... manually download and install to data folder, if you are not using mod manager.
5. I am making this seem too complicated, they are only texture files, so stick them in MO2 and hit play. 

1. Should be compatible with everything except files that edit the same items (stars and galaxy textures). Let me know how your particular ENB and Weathers mods affect this mod and I will make edits or patches if I get feed back. 
2. If you have other mods that edit these items, the lowest in your load order will show up in game. 
3. You can install this mod at anytime during play through, it will not hurt your save to install mid play. 
4. Users of certain weather mods and enbs may find the stars and galaxy altered in contrast or twinkle, etc, let me know and I will try to make a patch or edited version (it is still compatible, just might be different than I designed it to be with my current weather and enb set up). Same goes for ENB users (you can adjust star settings in your enb, you might need to enable weather menu inside your enb, if you have enb helper installed to adjust star settings as per weather). If anyone needs further instruction regarding this, post it in the comments so I can try to help or try to make an update that fixes any issues. Also, Vivid Weather has textures that conflict with the stars optional file, so only download the main file if using Vivid Weathers (or place my stars below VW for my stars to show up in game).

See boring stuff below>>>
About me:
1. I have played Skyrim for years and used mods for years, so I decided to try my hand at making my own mods.
2. I have a lot to learn so any help or criticism in the comments is appreciated.
3. I have started learning 3D modeling, custom textures, and ERSGAN upscaling.

Texture other items?
1. Yes, working one a complete sky collection now.
2. Feed back is welcome or suggestion for next collection. 
Custom Meshes?
1. Yep.
Updating this mod?
1.Upon request.
2. And as I find time.
Editing this mod if users find mistakes etc?
1. Just leave me a comment or message and if I know how to fix it or edit it, I will.