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Nolbear and Xtudo

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Higher-resolution retextures for the dirt/blood overlays from Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visual Effects by JaySerpa, for those who really like getting dirty. Blood overlays were made to complement Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder.

Permissions and credits
by Nolbear (LE version by Xtudo)


I'm a big fan of Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visual Effects by JaySerpa, but I've always felt like its textures could use a little love. With that in mind, I decided to rework some of the textures from the mod. My goals were to:

  • Create a truly "covered in dirt/blood" look, to match the status effect descriptions from the mod
  • Make the dirt/blood overlays more distinct from each other
  • Increase the resolution and get rid of the "pixelated" look of the overlay textures
  • Color-match the blood overlays with Enhanced Blood Textures
  • Make the soap bubble particle look less "cartoony"

If any of those things sound good to you, this mod may be for you!


There is an optional plugin included with this mod. All it does is tweak some values of the dirt shader to make the overlays more visible, especially in the earlier stages where I felt like the dirt was barely visible otherwise. It's up to you whether or not to leave it enabled. If you do, just make sure it's loaded after Dirt and Blood - Dynamic Visuals.esp.


Q: How does it look with/without ENB?
A: I use Rudy's ENB for Cathedral Weathers (on SE), so these textures were made with that in mind. That being said, I think they look good both with and without ENB and in all weather/lighting conditions that I've tested so far. I might be open to creating other versions if things aren't looking good with your setup, if you catch me in a good mood...

Q: Do I need the plugin?
A: No, it's optional. It just tweaks the dirt overlays to make them more visible. Use it if you feel like the dirt is hard to see.

Q: How did you make these?
A: I used Photoshop with the Intel Texture Works Plugin. The blood textures were created using assets from Enhanced Blood Textures SE by dDefinder (with permission). The dirt textures were made with free brushes from Brusheezy. The soap bubble came from here.


Thanks to JaySerpa for creating Dirt and Blood and for giving me permission to release this mod
Thanks to dDefinder for giving me permission to use some of his assets from EBT
Thanks to Xtudo for helping me test this mod and for encouraging me to release it