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A blood overhaul mod

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • French

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when
low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil for machines. Customize certain features with the use of MCM and optional plugins.

Thanks to Brodual for the Mod Spotlight

Blood amount compared to vanilla, default EBT and reduced size

Please read the FAQ before posting issues

Check your decal amount options which can cause blood not to appear. The graphics option is found inside the Skyrim launcher option.

Skyrim needs to be updated to v1.9.

The bsa only contains jonwd7's brawl bug patch. You can remove it if another mod has included the patch, such as SKYRE.

Use only one Compatibility patch!

ENB, FXAA Injector, and lighting mods will have noticeable effects on blood color which may appear differently than intended. Use darker or brighter blood color optional files to adjust it. Different locations in the game will also alter the blood color such as indoor areas tend to be lighter than outdoors.

Do not optimize the nif files or the game will crash when you decap someone. You shouldn't be "optimizing" nif files in the first place.

You can translate the MCM menu. Please tell me about so I can provide a link to the mod page:
Spanish translation by xlwarrior
French translation by Narsilien80
Chinese Translation by ttkgod
Turkish Translation by TheWorldTR
Portuguese translation by VTRinNights
Polish by Selvan64

Realistic Ragdolls and Force:

Huge thanks to pauderek for his blood scripts and support. Check out his "Burn Freeze Shock Effects" which adds magic based effects to characters

Hate that weird dance that they do before they die? Get "No Spinning Death Animation":

Improved Combat Sounds:

Improved Reverb:

Detailed Features (These are not modular)
Main plugin (ESP):
-Separated combat blood splatters and hand placed blood decals
-Increase duration for weapon blood
-Increase size to hit splatters and added different wounds based on weapon type (Blade, Claw, Bow, Unarmed, Blunt)
-Changes to screen blood duration, size, and amount

-New high resolution blood textures to splatters, screen blood, wounds
-Increase red color to hit spurt animation
-High detail decapitation texture

New Features / Scripts:
-Increased blood amount during combat. Every hit now causes blood splatters
-Bleeding out and dying  npcs will now produce blood drops
-Bleeding spurt animation from the neck after decapitation and neck slit killmove
-Low health blood drops(blood trail) Follow blood drops of those who fled the fight wounded
-Heavy and light splatter types depending on how much damage is done. Configurable to match damage mods
-Blood pooling that will react differently on softer surfaces (sand, dirt, ect.)
-More blood splatters and spurts from killmoves
-Green blood for spiders and chaurus
-Dwarven machines bleed oil
-Chance based spasm effect after killmove animations and decapitates
-Mod Configuration Menu to adjust certain aspects of the mod. This requires Skyui and SKSE

Optional files:
-Smaller blood Splatter, wound size, and amount
-Darker, brighter blood for use with all lighting mods
-No screen blood and blur screen blood optional files
-Screen blood changes to duration and amount using esps (Not needed if you have MCM)

Current Version Changes
*Version 3.6c*
-Additional blood splatters for werewolf kills
-Fixed extra effects triggering when not killed by a killmove animation
-Added patches for Monster Mod version 4

*Version 3.6b*
-Fixed unarmed hit effects for insects and dwarven mechs
-Fixed crossbow bolts using incorrect wound damage type
-Fixed incorrect bleeding for certain monsters from Immersive Creatures
-Re-made blood pool normal maps on solid surfaces
-Re-made oil normal maps
-Updated Skyrim Monster Mod patch to version 13 (This should not be used with older versions of Monster Mod because the file format is different esm to esp)

Optional files updated:
Compatibility patches
All color and resolution files

Removed following patches:
Dragonborn-EBT Patch.esp
Dawnguard-EBT Patch.esp
Dawnguard-Immersive Creatures EBT Patch.esp
DG-MM-SiC EBT Patch.esp
Dragonborn-MonsterMod EBT Patch.esp
Dawnguard-MonsterMod EBT Patch.esp

*Version 3.6a*
-Fixed certain install options not working (NMM)
-Fixed dark blood color option using effects folder in the wrong location
-Additional blood splatters on non-killmove one-hit kills
-Minor edits to spasms

*Version 3.6*
-Added NMM installer support (Follow the manual install instruction if you want to install without a mod installer)
-Scripts will now apply ini settings that are in the Skyrimprefs file
-Removed the included ini file
-Blood size adjustments
-Increased default severe blood damage threshold from 20% to 22%
-Re-made two severe blood splatters
-Blood pooling has been sped up to appear more smoothly unlike the old slideshow effect
-Blood pools now only start after a body has been stationary for short amount of time. Blood drops will continually appear until this happens
-Spasms are now chance based and work with normal killmoves. Spasms will react differently depending on ragdoll or body mod you are using. Using any ragdoll mod will improve the physics of the spasms
-Spasms will now have random impulse amount and delay instead of them having the same one every time
-Added MCM menu options for spasms
-Increased amount and rate of initial blood drops when at low heath
-Increased amount of blood during killmoves
-Adjustments to optional plugins of reduced and larger blood splatter size
-Re-made "brighter blood color optional file"
-Immersive Creatures Compatibility patch: New creatures added from SIC: DLC2 should now bleed properly

HOW TO INSTALL (Manual Method)
This can be installed with NMM or other mod installers. You don't need to follow these steps if you used a mod installer. The ini changes are already included. All optional plugins need to be loaded after the main esp file. Ignore the fomod folder

-   1    -
Extract and move files inside "1 core files" into your Skyrim data directory.

-   2    -
Extract a patch plugin file in the "2 patches" into the data folder depending on what DLC or mod you have installed. Use only one Compatibility patch!

DB = Dragonborn
DG = Dawngaurd
IC = Immersive Creatures
MM = Monster Mod

Example: You have Dragonborn, Dawnguard, and Immersive Creatures. You would move the file inside the "IC DG DB" folder into the data folder.

-   3    -
"3 optional esps"
These are not required for the mod to work. Skip this step if you don't want to change the blood size

Extract a patch plugin into the data folder

-   4    -
"4 texture res and color"
"5 blurry screen blood"
"6 alt tex" (reduced blood textures)

These are all optional choices for blood textures, color, and resolution. This step can be skipped if you are going to use the default color and high-resolution version.

Extract the "texture" and "effects" (if the effects folder exists) into your data folder

Note that the mod will override those changes. Changing the settings yourself will mean that the settings it will work without the mod.

...\Documents\My Games\Skyrim

-Open Skyrim.ini
-Find [Display] and add this line below it:

-Open SkyrimPrefs.ini
-Find iMaxDecalsPerFrame=
-Change the number to 350

-Next add this line below [decals]


Default Screen Blood and Optional Files
Other alternate files are found as optional downloads in the download page. Main download should be installed first then optional files:

To use vanilla screen blood:
Go to


When using NNM to install optional files click on 'no' when asked to update.

How to Uninstall
-Go to an indoor area where there are no blood splatters anywhere.

If you have SkyUI you can use the MCM menu to uninstall the mod instead of typing in the console.

-Open console using the ~ key, and type the following:
stopquest zGoreEffectsnNPCQuest
stopquest zGoreEffectsnNPCQuestUpdate
stopquest zGoreEffectsPlayerQuest

(The first two lines are for older versions and will report missing if entered)
(The 3rd line is for version that is above 3.0 or use the MCM uninstall instead)

Uninstall the mod with use of your mod installer.
-if you crashed while loading the save it means that there is blood in the area you are in, go somewhere else and install the mod again to start your save.

Check the readme if you installed the mod manually.

Clean Save / Updating
You will need to do this if your current version is below v3.0 or if you are trying to debug something. Otherwise ignore this and just install the mod over the old version.

Follow steps below:
-Type the following in the console. (~) key
Stopquest zGoreEffectsNPCQuest
Stopquest zGoreEffectsNPCQuestUpdate
stopquest zGoreEffectsPlayerQuest

(The first two lines are for older versions and will report missing if entered)
(The 3rd line is for version that is above 3.0 or use the MCM uninstall instead)

-Go to an indoor area where there no blood splatters anywhere and possibly no other NPCs.
-Open console again (~) and type:
-Save game
-Quit the game
-Fully uninstall the mod and not just ticking the mod off. This includes the blood files and scripts
-Go back into game and load that save
-Save the game again
-Now install the mod
-Load the save

If you are downgrading to an older version follow the uninstall
instructions instead and make sure to save without the mod active before

Your MCM menu will be greyed out if you didn't make a clean save.

Q: Compatibility with [Insert mod]
This does not change anything gameplay related and many features from this mod are added to the game. This will be compatible with just about everything. You only need to worry about other blood mods.

Q: Blood for custom weapons or armor doesn't appear correctly
How blood will appear on weapons and armor is determined by the weapon/armor model itself. It's up to the author of the mod to make sure that blood decals display correctly for their weapons and armor.

There is a blood layer that needs to be edited per weapon. The decals will appear to be floating if this layer isn’t done correctly.

An example for armors is the bandit armor from Immersive Armors. It uses the same mesh as the default which will make blood appear like its floating.

Q: Use with other blood mods?
No, it’s not compatible with other blood mods this includes bloodier combat. The exception is "bloody facials" mod. Make sure to do a clean save if you are switching between them. Expect your game to start crashing or possibly save game issues later down the line if you continue to use conflicting mods. Game stability when switching blood mods on the same save is not guaranteed.

Q: Solid Squares for blood
It's a mod conflict with other blood mods or you have an optional file is loaded before the main plugin. These will also happen when the textures are not installed correctly or missing.

Q: Blood is bright red/pink (Lighting Mods)
Either you're using ENB or a lighting mod that increases the games overall brightness or it’s the issue above. Use darker optional file to fix this.

Q: LOOT reporting issues with Monster Mod
The errors reported by LOOT are outdated and should be Ignored

Q: Conflicting scripts reported with the following files (Brawl Bug Patch):
MS11CalixtoScript.pex / DGIntimidatePlayerScript.pex /
DGIntimidateAliasScript.pex / CompanionsSingleCombatantScript.pex
C00VilkasScript.pex C00TrainerScript.pex / BladesSparringScript.pex

Those scripts are part of the brawl bug patch by jonwd7. If another mod also included this then you can just delete the “dD - Enhanced Blood Main.bsa” file.

Q: No wounds on my character in 3rd person view / Wounds doesn't appear
You need to be attacked while in 3rd person camera mode. NPCs have certain chance to cause wounds to anyone and not all the time like the player. It’s the default behavior within the game engine, it cannot be changed.

Q: Other wound decal issues
I can only change their duration, size, and texture. These are problems that are inherent to the vanilla game. Things such as not appearing at all, stretched, not reacting to fog, not appearing on face or neck, dark wounds from multiple hits, blood not disappearing from hands/body, ect. are issues that I cannot fix.

If you find that blood is lasting too long for you, then you can try lowering the wound lifetime in the MCM menu. Although, this will also affect the normal blood splatters and these are both tied to the same ini setting.

Q: No blood on heads or neck of playable races
Bethesda has always disabled decals appearing on the face and necks. The only way to do this is to apply a magic shader over the actor, which "bloody facials" mod does.

Q: Blood is sometimes transparent, faded. Sometimes hit splatters appear square or cut-off / Weapon flickers / No blood splatters in Solitude
These are normal issues with the game and it can't be fixed.

Things like rock paths along the roads are very noticeable. This problem happens with all decal types even from magic:

Q: Beheading guards with helmets don't work, or helmets stay on
It's a vanilla bug with that armor. Use open faced guard helmet mods or other mods that fix armor.

Q: No animated blood pools? / Blood pools appear instantly (v3.5 below)
Adding animated decals isn't possible. I tried to simulate blood pooling by having them become thicker and spread slightly if the body is lying in the same spot. I have sped up the decal placing in 3.6 so it looks more like it’s pooling out and not look like a slideshow.

Q: Adding dynamic decal lifetime? Remove wounds and blood on weapons when entering water
The game’s decal system doesn’t support this. Once a decal is placed it cannot be removed or changed until the current one expires. New wounds that appear while in water will be removed, but the old ones you have before entering will not.

Q: Certain brawls are still broken
The brawl patch doesn't fix all of them. There is another version of the brawl patch found on that mod's comment section. In that version, it
will allow you to cheat, but you will not face bugs during brawls.

Q: Too much bloooood!
You have several ways to reduce this:
-Use the smaller blood splatter plugin. "Other Blood ESP tweaks" file or optional install in NMM.
-Use craftyfox's "Reduced Blood Splatter Alternative Textures" either alone or with the reduced blood size plugin
-Increase the severe blood damage to a higher number. Found in the MCM options.

Q: MCM options are all grayed out
You didn't make a clean save when you uninstall the mod with the MCM menu. You need to also wait for the MCM menu to be removed when you first load a save with the mod off.

Q: Textures are the same or don't appear / Blood pools doesn't work
-Your game needs to be using patch 1.9
-Set your decal amount to high or above in the Skyrim launcher options in graphics. (This is the most likely reason for blood pools not working)
-Using other blood mods alongside this mod
-Possible install issue with Mod Organizer
-Possible issue when switching between blood mods
-Did you get an EBT install message when you started the game? If not then it could mean the plugin isn't active or the scripts are missing
-Not all surfaces can apply blood splatters, same goes for magic. For example: Almost anywhere while in Solitude
-Multi-layered ground textures may cause blood and other decals to not appear.
-You need to hit your target at least once with a melee/range weapon for blood pools to appear
-Use “reset cloak spell” in the MCM options menu

To test if it’s not caused by a save or mod do the following.
-Uninstall the mod
-Check if the scripts folder contains files that start with: zblood or zgore and delete them
-Delete dD - Enhanced Blood Main.bsa in the data folder if it exists
-Install the mod using only with the main plugin file active (no optional files) and disable all other mods
-Start the game and while in the main menu type in the console: coc whiterunorigin
-Attack npcs and see if it works
If not there might be an issue with the mod installation. Otherwise, it could be caused by an issue with that save or another mod.

Q: I’ve read somewhere that this mod is “known” to cause CTDs.
When the mod author and a large majority of the EBT users are not experiencing this issue the “known” thing loses its merit. I have gone through a recent 20+ hour playthough with the following mods ( and have not experience CTD during combat. A deeper test needs to be done to find out if a mod is causing issues rather than just “I disabled this mod for 5 minutes and it stopped CTD.” Other harm can be caused by this besides mods, such as editing the ini, especially the papyrus or the ugrids settings. Testing under a new game using the COC command is the best way to find out if there is something going on with a certain mod or if it's caused the current save. A lot more is covered in the FAQ below.

Q: Crashing / Freezes
-To confirm that it’s caused by this mod or other issues, you first must disable all other mods besides this one and also rename the scripts folder to something else (scripts1) [change it back after you are done] and create a new folder and name it scripts and have only the scripts from my mod installed. Launch the game and see if you experience the same issues. If the issues are not present any more than it’s caused by another mod or it’s the game itself. Just ticking your mods off doesn’t mean scripts that are running will stop or that meshes and textures are removed.
-Use SSME which will increase the stability of the game:
-If you have performance issues (45 and below FPS). Try to use lower resolution textures or try to improve your fps. Having a high FPS will help make the game more stable.
-Making ini edits to the papyrus and ugrids settings. Keep those at the default for best stability.
-Using other blood mods alongside this mod or when switching between blood mods.
-Check your paprus logs and see if there are reports of the blood scripts causing anything and look at the very bottom of the log to see what error is there before it crashed. It might not be this mod causing it. (This is not a guaranteed way to find out if a mod is causing your issues. Mods can throw warnings and errors that won’t affect the save game.)
-You probably have a save where you uninstall many different mods. It’s a vanilla problem with any mod that uses scripts. Even a properly disabled script will leave warnings in the logs about the scripts missing and that’s it. If a mod didn’t stop a loop it will keep running forever to the point where it could cause save bloating. If you uninstall this mod correctly you shouldn't experience this issue. Try a new game and see if it will still cause an issue.
-My current working load order: there shouldn't be any issue with other mods, but you should check them by disabling a certain bunch of them at a time and see if you notice any difference.
-Try increasing the script update rate time inside MCM options.

To test if it’s not caused by a save or mod
-Start the game and while in the main menu type in the console: coc riverwood
-travel around, attack npcs, spawn enemies, boost your running speed by 1000 and run everywhere, ect.
-If you are not experiencing problems then something may have has gone wrong with your save
-If it still happens, try to remove groups of mods and see which one causes this problem

Q: Slowdowns / Stuttering during combat / Blood Splatter Delay
Use lower resolution version of the textures or lower the wound/splatter duration in the MCM menu, this will affect both wounds and splatters.

For splatter delay your game is running below 50 frames per second, this will slow down all scripts running in your game not just this mod.  The game script is built to delay scripts, unlike previous games. Example: Defense building mods in Skyrim have a jittery building interface unlike in the same mods found in previous games.

Q: Download issue when using NMM / Download Errors
Download the mod manually and then add the file to your mod list in NMM. This is an issue with the Nexus servers going down.

Q: Monster Mod patch work with MM Lore? (other variance of monster mod)
The patch only looks for keywords and races within monster mod esm, so it should work without problems. Monster Mod patch will work with v10 and up, and the new Reborn version.

Q: No Script version
Use version 1.1

Q: CTD when launching the game
-You have an active plugin that requires another file. Such as using the Dawnguard patch without Dawngaurd. Look at your load order with a mod organizer that checks for this error.

-You need the "Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp" from Immersive Creatures if you also have Dragonborn.

-Make sure you picked the correct version for your patches

Q: Can I use this mod to disable blood?
No. Why would you make the game load additional files and have scripts running for no blood effects? When you do toggle that option the MCM menu the scripts are still running and checking all npcs around you. Try using mods that are already existing on the Nexus. Search for No blood and you'll find them. You can set the following ini settings to 0:

dDefinder - Textures, plugin and scripts
pauderek - I've used his scripts as a base and modified them from his "A simple bleeding mod" also thanks for the continued support.
Craftyfox - for contributing reduced blood decal file
jonwd7 - Brawl Bugs Patch Resource
xlwarrior - Spanish translation
Narsilien80 - French translation
ttkgod - Chinese translation
cmdo - Immersive Creatures patch used as a base