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  1. NazeemUzeem
    • member
    • 16 posts
    • 44 kudos
    I'm sorry. The FirstPersonViewScript option doesn't seem to work with Skyrim -Enhanced Camera.If you have already installed the option script, you can delete it as it is. (Because it is not a change that adversely affects the save)I'll keep the file just in case, as it may work with other first person mods.
  2. ddpaule
    • supporter
    • 157 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Seems to conflict with realistic needs and diseases and if I put it above rnd it doesn't work.
  3. hiringgillia
    • member
    • 21 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Great mod.
    Hoping for the next updates will have potions animations too :)
    Thank you NazeemUzeem. 
  4. jchall34
    • premium
    • 126 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Any chance to make a patch for realistic needs 2
  5. dzee349
    • member
    • 595 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Love, love this mod! Thank you so much for all of the updates!

    Would you consider adding a second-long animation of the player actor putting their hand to their mouth with a chewing sound, for eating all alchemy plants/herbs? Like in Red Dead Redemption 2, when Arthur eats a plant/herb, you just see him put his hand to his mouth and a chewing sound effect plays (the plant/herb doesn’t show), so it’s a cool way of animating the eating of alchemy plants/herbs without needing to show the item itself in the animation.  Just a thought!!! Love this mod regardless!
  6. MadMaxLiS
    • premium
    • 65 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Best eating animations for Skyrim ;) can you do please create patch to get Realistic Needs And Diseases 2.0 fully working ? (animations works but stats not works anymore), and are you able add patch for Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (Meat Pie) ?
    1. dzee349
      • member
      • 595 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Patch for USLEEP (Meat Pie) has already been created by Xtudo here
  7. dodolkecik
    • member
    • 95 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Can one get the benefit of first person view script option without the enhance camera mod?

  8. cacadoiseau
    • member
    • 22 posts
    • 0 kudos
    This mod is amazing but lacks 2 things :
    Full support for all the vanilla food
    Toggle animation even when sitting
    Howver it is very good !
  9. LatinGames
    • supporter
    • 1,754 posts
    • 25 kudos
    This Mod looks Great,  I have been looking for this for years, because I always broke my immersion when I saw the NPCs eat from a distance , although I did not see in the images that they open their mouth to bite, is this possible please?  

    And loop the animations at Least 3 times  would be nice!
  10. zidan159
    • member
    • 2 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Nice mod,but can it be in the future works on alcohol too?
    Not only on Honningbrew mead and Ale.
    1. Xtudo
      • member
      • 2,773 posts
      • 438 kudos
      Wine, Alto Wine, Spiced Wine, Firebrand Wine, Argonian Bloodwine and Surilie Brothers Wine are already in the mod.
  11. p357mag
    • supporter
    • 52 posts
    • 0 kudos
    This is a really cool mod!!

    animation is so kawaii~~
    1. daxoss
      • supporter
      • 1,333 posts
      • 98 kudos