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Add individual animations and sound effects for each food item.

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I will publish the animation of the food I made for myself.
A unique sound will be produced depending on the type of food. Please see the video for details.

・DynamicAnimationReplacer replaces the existing animation, so the animation is played stably.
・Animation works only for the player, and does not work even if you eat or drink from the first person viewpoint,
 with the sword pulled out or with the torch equipped.
・I like the feeling of use like Escape From Tarkov, so the animation playback time is as short as possible. (Length within 5 seconds)
・Since the food graphic is displayed as equipment without using animobject, use the equipment slot during the meal animation. (Nos. 59 and 60)

・Since the food graphic is displayed as equipment, food will not be displayed when used in combination with a mod that can completely overwrite
 the appearance of equipment such as SkyrimOutfitSystem.
 ArmorAppearance etc. can be used together because it only changes the appearance for each equipment.
・Cannot be used with mods that animate when eating or drinking. For iNeed --Food Water and Sleep, please turn off the animation function in MCM.
・It is not compatible with mods that modify vanilla food and drink records. Create a patch with TES5Edit etc.
・If you want to use animation for the mod to add new food, add two Magic Effects to the effect column of the food you want to animate with CK.
 Set "aaaXXX_Animation_ME" to "Duration" in 5 seconds, then set "aaa_cooltimeTaberenai_ME" to "Duration" in 6 seconds.
 No settings such as "Magnitude" or "Conditions" are required.
 XXX is the name of the food. Please choose the one you like.

Eating Animation and Sounds - CACO Compatibility Patch
 A compatible patch with "Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul" created by Sette Lisette.
 It corresponds to the added food graphic etc., and there are patches with other mods. Thank you for your wonderful work!
Eating animations - My HD version and patches
 High quality patch of food graphics created by Xtudo. And a collection of patches with multiple mods. Thank you for your wonderful work!

Fixed hand behavior when equipped with a shield.
Equipped with a shield and pulling out the sword → If you animate with the shield removed after the sword is delivered, the shape of the hand will be strange.
With vanilla specifications, even if the shield is removed, the shape of the hand when the shield is equipped seems to remain unless the sword is pulled out.
We are currently thinking about countermeasures, but if you have a good idea, please let us know.

Future update schedule
・Animation of raw vegetables and meat.
・Improvements to created animations.
・Sit-down animation, etc



・飲食時にアニメーションするmodとは併用できません。iNeed - Food Water and SleepなどはMCMでアニメーションの機能をOFFにしてお使いください。
・新規で食品を追加するmodにアニメーションを使いたい場合は、CKでアニメーションさせたい食品の効果欄に2つのMagicEffectを追加します。   "aaaXXX_Animation_ME"を"Duration"5秒間で設定して、その後に"aaa_cooltimeTaberenai_ME"を"Duration"6秒間で設定します。

Eating Animation and Sounds - CACO Compatibility Patch
 SetteLisette氏によって作成された"Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul"との互換パッチ。
Eating animations - My HD version and patches