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I couldn't believe it's the year 2021 of our Lord Talos and you still couldn't pet dogs in Skyrim. Well, I say NO MORE.

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I realize this might seem like a joke mod given the date, but I assure you it is NOT. After 10 years, we've seen all sorts of ehem, interesting mods but there is one key aspect that was always missing, so I made it happen:

Dragonborn, take off your iron gauntlets, for today is not the time to be dauntless. Forget about the greybeards and the voice, your duty is now only to rejoice. Yes, you heard it right: Tell Alduin, to put the apocalypse on hold, for I am proud to announce: "Yes, you can pet the dog!"

"Woof, woof!" The dogs of Skyrim approve of this mod.

Important noteI'm not an animator, these animations are not perfect. You must be facing the dog straight forward for them to make sense most of the time, but hey, it's what we have and I'll gladly take it so I can pet my boy Meeko! (He's been through a lot, OK?)

If some kind animator soul wants to reach out and improve these or provide new ones, please do so!

How it works

When you activate a friendly dog while you have no weapons/magic/fists out, a short animation will play (pet the dog). Activating the dog again after or during this animation will do the default vanilla activation, like talking.

This way you can talk to the dog, if the dog can be talked to in vanilla (most dogs just bark at you and have no dialogue) (I just realized how weird that last sentence was - Please, don't send me to the asylum)

3 Different Animations

There are 3 animations: One for when the dog is sitting down, one for when the dog is standing up and one for when the dog is lying on the floor.

However, doggo is gonna doggo and sometimes, doggo will decide to suddenly stand up leaving you looking funny :)
This should not happen too often but you know.

Soft Requirements

If you want my tweaked animations, you will need Dynamic Animation Replacer. Without Dynamic Animation Replacer, there will be some default vanilla animations that will not look as good (but it will still work).

FNIS and Nemesis are not needed for this mod.


- Can we pet cats? Can we pet chickens? Can we pet horses? Can we pet guards?
No, this is solely focused on dogs. This version is a standalone version of a bigger mod I'm working on. Main version will include other animals and lots of different interactions with objects and NPCs.

- No for real, why won't you let me pet the Jarl?
Jarl Balgruuf deserves some respect! You don't know what goes down at Dragonsreach when the dragonborn is not around. Swag.

- Does this work in first person?
Only third person animations are included, this means it will only work in first person if you have a sort of "see your body in first person" mod.

Too much talking, not enough dog petting! Enjoy and have fun!