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New fix. An updated dll for Altimor's mindblowing Player Physics mod. All glitches should now be completely fixed.

Permissions and credits

This is an updated dll plugin for Player physics - Acceleration - Friction - Smooth movement by Altimor. Read the original mod description and download the configuration file. Don't forget to endorse it. Credit also goes to Weentinte for making a predecessor to this fix.

If you haven't heard of the mod earlier, it applies physics found in more modern games (e.g. acceleration/deceleration when running, gravity - no more levitating when jumping) to player character. Every aspect is configurable.

The following problems were resolved:

  • hanging up for a few seconds during killmoves or other paired animations like vampire feeding or mod added stuff
  • sudden bursts of acceleration making the player slide on cell change or generally when loading something (this requires an external plugin)

It should now be considered bug free.

Compatibility notes:

  • this mod IS compatible with both HDT-PE and HDT-SMP
  • this mod is compatible with all animation and behavior mods, some of which may nicely complement it
  • the lip sync fix from Bug Fixes plugin stops working when used together. The issue is somewhere in the original mod's code. Other fixes from Bug Fixes seem to work fine. To fix lip sync again download the standalone fix from here and you're good to go. Since this is easily resolved it won't be on my high priority to-do list.

More info on the fixes:
The pause after detecting killcam was extended from 100 to 200 ms as per the suggestion in Weentinte's original fix page, also changed cam_id==2 
to cam_id !=0. A modified code from Register Custom Animation Events is used to turn off physics when a paired animation is detected to cover for 
non-killmove events like vampire feeding or custom paired animations added by other mods. This is done by detecting the prefix "pa_" in animation 
event. I didn't test it with every animation mod of course, but as long as they follow this pattern their good. As for fixing the sudden 
acceleration bursts I found out these are associated with how the game engine operates. A seperate plugin was created to dynamically alter the 
iFPSClamp setting to fix that. It should be considered part of this fix if you want a fully smooth experience.

  1. First download and install the original mod.
  2. Then download and install this fix and let it override the dll file.
  3. Finally download and install Dynamic iFPSClamp.

Remove skyrim_physics.dll and skyrim_physics.cfg.

Installation notes:
All are SKSE plugins so you just extract the content to your Data directory using either a mod manager or manually.
Can be safely installed and uninstalled midgame.


Altimor for Player physics mod

Weentinte for fixes to Player physics mod

B3lisario for the modders resource Register Custom Animation Event

The whole SKSE team for SKSE

Microsoft for their Visual Studio and Detours library