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Hybrid version of Majestic Mountains desinged for Skyrim Legendary Edition.

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This mod is hybrid version of Majestic Mountains LE and SE. The idea is to bring the new features, that are only present in the SE version, over to LE. This mod uses all of the new textures and LODs from SSE and takes advantage of Multi-layer parallax which is only present in the SSE version of the mod. The Material Object has been tweaked to work with the new meshes (Correct snow and moss). All texture versions and LOD files are located in the -Options- folder of the download, just overwrite the default textures and LOD. The LOD is archived because it has a FOMOD installer.

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Conflicts And Compatibility
You probably want to let this mod win all conflicts, both plugin and assets. You can try to use custom textures with these meshes but you need to make sure that youre using the correct naming convertions that this mod uses, you also want to make sure the textures are the same aspect ratio so that you don't have UV stretching.

Further information
The bc7 textures was back-ported to dxt5 compression.

To the authors of Majestic Mountains for both LE and SSE.

As per the orignial mods permissions you are allowed to modify and upload this file as you like.