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Vito is a custom-voiced follower with short quests, marriage, and a number of additional features.

Permissions and credits

Vito is a vampire hunter who's run into some trouble - someone has put a bounty on his head. If you help him out by doing a short quest, he'll be happy to join you afterwards. Be careful if you're a vampire though - Vito does not get along with vampires as a rule. Although, if the circumstances are right, he might make an exception for you...

In addition to the introduction quest, there's another short, vanilla-integrated quest afterwards. (Assuming you don't kill Vito during the introduction quest, of course.) You can also start a relationship with Vito if you want, recruit him into the Dawnguard, make him your vampire thrall, and other stuff. For more details about the various features of the mod, see below.

For Vito in SE, click here.


  • A standalone follower with a custom voice set based on Isran's voice from the Dawnguard DLC, but edited to give him a distinct, younger and friendlier sound. (I mean, friendlier compared to Isran. He's still quite serious/dour otherwise.)
  • A quest to recruit him and another, optional quest to retake Half-Moon Mill from the vampires that live there.
  • After you do his first quest, he'll provide free training in Archery once a day, plus some extras.
  • He has an optional relationship path with two stages - casual and committed. Or, if you're not interested in him, you can encourage him to start a relationship with a secondary potential follower added by this mod. Or just ignore this part completely if you prefer.
  • You can influence him to join the Dawnguard... or betray his trust and enthrall him if you're a vampire.
  • You can talk to him about a few things - he has opinions about some people and factions, some settlements, and a handful of other things.
  • His own follower system. He ignores your friendly fire and doesn't count against the follower limit, so you can have him tag along with any other followers you might be using. If you tell him to wait, he will stay put indefinitely.
  • A selection of vanilla and modded outfits that are unlocked based on the player's actions and perks. Starting out, he wears vanilla leather armour. The first custom outfit is unlocked after his intro quest.
  • A custom weapon (silver crossbow).
  • A teleport spell to bring him back if he gets lost. To acquire the spell, look for the "Call Vito" spell book in Vito's inventory.
  • He's essential (that is, unless you decide to attack him at a few points in his quest).
  • Additionally, the mod contains two optional, vanilla-voiced followers with vanilla marriage options.

Sample dialogues

Starting the quests

1. "Hunter Hunted"

Go to Falkreath and talk to Valga Vinicia (the innkeeper). Alternatively, find a dead bounty hunter at a certain spriggan-infested ruin in Falkreath Hold and read the letter he's got in his pockets. Find the target, talk to him, and make your choice.

2. "Liberate Half-Moon Mill"

After finishing the first quest, look for a journal in the location. Read it and talk to Vito with the journal in your inventory.

NOTE: I created this second quest because I always wanted to deal with the vampire couple of Half-Moon Mill, but the only vanilla quest that deals with that is a side contract for the Dark Brotherhood. I thought, why not have a way to report the vampires to the guards? They've got bloody human remains in their shed, for crying out loud. Hence, this. It's compatible both with the aforementioned Dark Brotherhood quest, and with the Cutting Room Floor edit that spawns Hern in before the DB quest starts. Basically, if you've got CRF installed and you do this quest, you'll fight Hert and Hern together. If you don't have CRF, you'll fight Hert first, then Hern will spawn normally after you pick up the DB quest... but he'll be kinda mad that you killed his wife/sister/whatever, lol. Either way, you'll be able to turn the DB quest in to Nazir as usual.

Bonus: Completing this quest can potentially count towards the Thane quest for Falkreath! Also, Hert will be replaced by a new NPC, so you'll still have someone to buy your firewood and sell you lumber.

Additional followers

Apart from Vito, the mod also adds a few other NPCs. Two of them can be recruited as simple, vanilla-voiced followers:

1. Alaina

If you liberate Half-Moon Mill, Falkreath will send a new, non-vampiric lumberjack (lumberjane?). She's fully functional, sells lumber for Hearthfire houses, and buys any firewood that you feel like chopping. If you raise her disposition by selling her firewood, she'll have a new dialogue option to recruit her as a follower. It's mainly just for fun, as she's not supposed to be especially useful in combat - in fact, expect a lot of panicked flailing if you do take her along. However, she's a friendly soul who tries to make herself useful by foraging for stuff, and every once in a while you get the option to ask her whether she's found anything interesting for you. Mostly she finds basic things like ingredients, or nothing at all... but there's a very small chance she might pick up something more valuable.

Alaina uses the Female Young Eager voice with a small handful of custom lines. To give her more to say, you can use a mod like Relationship Dialogue Overhaul or similar, but it's not required. She will use whatever body and texture mods you have installed, so she may look a little different for you than in the screenshots.

If you want, you can marry Alaina and live with her at Half-Moon Mill (vanilla marriage quest, must help her out by selling her some firewood first). Or, if you prefer, you can matchmake her and Vito and they'll start a relationship - see below for more information.

Alaina is accompanied by her faithful dog Barkley, who will defend his owner with his life. (Except they're both essential, so no worries.) If you take Alaina into a building or a dungeon, Barkley will wait outside, otherwise he'll follow her everywhere.

2. Captain Gish-Rei

The new guard captain in Falkreath becomes available as a follower and vanilla marriage candidate if you complete Liberate Half-Moon Mill by talking to her. Note that you'll need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul or a similar mod to recruit her, as the Female Argonian voice type doesn't have follower functionality in the vanilla game.

Romance path

If you want, you can enter into a relationship with Vito. To start the romance, talk to him while wearing an Amulet of Mara. You can tell him you like him, or let him know you're not interested... or you can get last-minute jitters and postpone the conversation (the dialogue option to start the romance will disappear for 24 hours).

At first the relationship will be rather casual - you can even start it if you're already married to another person. You can then proceed to a committed/marriage-type relationship, but only if you're not already married to someone else. When in a committed relationship, you'll get a custom power and a few extras.

While in the dating stage, you can break off the romance at any time and he will take it pretty well, all things considered, but you won't be able to romance him again.

Being in a relationship with you, whether committed or not, changes Vito's reaction if you get turned into a vampire. More on that below.

If you tell Vito that you're not interested in him, you'll get a new dialogue option with Alaina, where you can start matchmaking the two of them together. The new dialogue for Alaina is only available if you're NOT wearing an Amulet of Mara - don't wanna confuse the poor girl, lol.

Reaction to the player being a vampire

For reasons that you can discover if you do his intro quest, Vito does not like vampires, and that's putting it mildly. He won't like it if the player is a vampire, either. Depending on your relationship, he'll do one of the following things:

1. You're meeting him for the first time as a vampire

He doesn't know you and will think you're there to kill him. He'll turn hostile - the only thing you can do at this point is kill him and get the money.

2. You've turned into a vampire after doing his intro quest

Vito now trusts you, but he still won't travel with a vampire. He'll leave your company and go to one of a few potential locations. You can retrieve him after you've cured yourself of vampirism.

3. You've turned into a vampire after starting a relationship with Vito (committed or casual)

Vito now trusts you even more, and you can use that to either convince him to travel with you (he'll keep reminding you to get cured, and many of his extra features will be unavailable)... or enthrall him, so that he never speaks a word about vampires again.

Regardless of your relationship status, you can always tell him to STFU because you like being a vampire. He really, really won't take it well, though.


Vito can join the Dawnguard if you talk to him about it after progressing the Dawnguard questline a little.

He uses a Sundracon-compatible body. His custom outfits are non-playable - if you want a version for your player character, see the Credits section.

His fighting style is Ranger, so he prefers to shoot his opponents from a distance, but can melee too if needed.

He has the following perks: Lightfoot, Overdraw 1, Critical shot 1, Ranger, Powershot, Quickshot, Bullseye, Deadly Aim, Agile Defender.

He levels with the player and has no min or max level limit.

Known issues

Vito can switch outfits (if you ask him to, or automatically after first joining the Dawnguard). The switch is supposed to happen in an instant, but sometimes there's a bit of latency, and he's naked for a moment there. All naked, I mean. He doesn't have that vanilla loincloth or anything. You have been warned.


Install with a mod manager. New game generally recommended, but should work on existing saves so long as they aren't too old and busted.

If you want to install manually, unpack to Data folder as usual.


Uninstall with a mod manager.

If you want to uninstall manually, remove the files and folders that came with this mod.

Compatibility notes

Fully compatible with Simple NPC Outfits.

Should be compatible with Amazing Follower Tweaks, Extensible Follower Framework, and My Home is Your Home. (I haven't tested them specifically, but Vito uses the same framework as my other follower mods, which were confirmed compatible.)

Generally compatible with Nether's Follower Framework, with the following caveats:

  • If he doesn't follow after you import him into the framework, try deactivating the Default Follow Package option under Follower Tweaks (a.k.a. Vito's own follow AI) and let him use Nether's follower package.
  • If you can't dismiss him correctly after you import him into the framework, remove him from the framework before you dismiss him.

May NOT be compatible with mods that edit the Half-Moon Mill location, especially the area directly behind the murder shack.

If you find any incompatibilities, let me know!


1.0, 2020-08-02 - Initial release.

Credits - assets

My thanks go to the following modders:

SydneyB for an outfit
jacknifelee for an outfit  and Dragoon23 for the mesh fix
RefurbMadness, VectorPlexus, Leit86/Leito86Redux, Humus for an outfit
uni_SL for the amulet
FavoredSoul for the necklace, and Vyxenne for uploading it with FavoredSoul's open permissions
Lord Skass and Shazhar for the piercings
Loke for the weapon
Austinlyle0 and Nymphetta for the body
Kalilies and Stealthic for the hair texture and a hairdo
summerdew on Lovers Lab for a hairdo
Hvergelmir for the beard and brows
mandragorasprouts for the skin
nerune for the eyes
Domain Wolf for the tint masks

Credits - tutorials

Without these excellent tutorials and tips, I would've been lost.

Make your RaceMenu follower standalone
Make a custom framework for your follower
Make a summoning spell for your follower
Make NPCs talk to each other
Create a new cell
Navmesh a cell

Credits - screenshots

I used the following mods for my screenshots:

Caffeine ENB
Face Light

If there's anything I missed, let me know!

Tools used

Lazy Voice Finder
BSA Unpacker
Creation Kit
Readme Generator
Cathedral Assets Optimizer for the SE port


You can do whatever you want with this mod as long as it stays free and on the Nexus. Some assets I used were shared by their authors on the condition that they are never uploaded to other websites or used in paywalled mods.

All voice, mesh and texture assets in this mod were made by other people. If you want to use the files I modified, that's fine with me, but please make sure to credit the original authors. Credit me as well if you want, that would be nice!

See my profile for other mods!