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Adds earth, water, and wind destruction and conjuration spells.

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Elemental Destruction Magic Redux

Adds earth, water, and wind as new types of destruction magic. Besides dealing the same amount of health damage as their vanilla counterparts, each new type of destruction magic has a unique secondary effect as well. Water spells stop enemy Magicka and Stamina regeneration for several seconds, earth spells stop Health regeneration and have a chance to stagger targets, and wind spells have a chance to blow targets away. This mod contains 29 new spells, including 23 destruction spells and 6 conjuration spells. You can increase their power of spells added by EDM through the vanilla perks. Earth, water, and wind spells benefit from the Augmented Flames, Augmented Frost, and Augmented Shock perks respectively. 

How is Elemental Destruction Magic Redux different than the standard version of Elemental Destruction Magic?
  • No new perks or edits to perks.
  • No enchanted weapons or armors.
  • No direct edits to leveled lists.
  • Spell tomes are now added to spell tome leveled lists via a one-time script that runs at the start of the game. (enhances compatibility)
  • No edits to NPCs or leveled NPCs.
  • No edits to vanilla Skyrim races, skeletons, and creatures.
  • Vendors will sell EDM master-level spell tomes without you having to complete master-level spell quests.
  • New cheat chest in Whiterun's Dragonsreach in Farengar's room. (contains all spell tomes and staves added by EDM)

These changes enhance compatibility and make this mod essentially compatible with all other mods made for Skyrim.
EDM Redux adds only spells and a couple of craftable staves. It does not touch other parts of the game.
(This means you do not need patches that the old version of EDM required in order for it to work with mods like Ordinator)

New Spells Added by Elemental Destruction Magic:

Earth Spells
Scales with fire associated enchantments, perks, and resistances.

Gravel - A spray of rocks and dirt. (Novice)          
Rock Blast - Launches a small stone. (Apprentice)
Earth Rune  - Explodes in an eruption of rocks and dirt. (Apprentice)
Stalagmite  - Raises a rocky spike from the ground or walls to deal damage in a 10-foot radius. It can obstruct enemies for a few seconds. (Adept)
Rock Cloak  - A cloak of dust and rocks that rotate around the caster.     (Adept)
Boulder - Fires a large stone.   (Expert)
Wall of Earth - Creates a barrier of jagged rocks when sprayed on the ground. (Expert)
*Earthquake spell may be added in a future update, it wasn't working for me when I tested it in-game.

Water Spells
Scales with frost associated enchantments, perks, and resistances.

Rapids - A spray of water. (Novice)
Waterball - Launches a small orb of water. (Apprentice)
Water Rune - Explodes in an eruption of water. (Apprentice)
Geyser - Fires a medium size ball of water that creates a geyser on impact and damages targets within a 15-foot radius. (Adept)
Rain Cloak - Surrounds the caster in a cloak of water. (Adept)
Torrent - Fires a large orb of water. (Expert)
Wall of Water - Creates a barrier of damaging water when sprayed on the ground. (Expert)
Tidal Wave  - Summons a huge wave of water. Aiming at 45-degree angle before release the wave will allow it to travel further. (Master)

Wind Spells 
Scales with shock associated enchantments, perks, and resistances.

Gust - A spray of wind. (Novice)
Zephyr - Fires a gust of wind. (Apprentice)
Wind Rune - Explodes in an eruption of wind. (Apprentice)
Tornado - Fires a whirlwind that can pass through objects while hitting multiple targets, but moves slowly and has a limited range. (Adept)
Whirlwind Cloak - Surrounds the caster in wind. (Adept)
Tempest - Launches a large gust of wind. (Expert)
Wall of Wind - Creates a damaging barrier of hazardous wind when sprayed on the ground. (Expert)
Cyclone - Fires a large tornado that has an 80% chance to blow away anything within a 15-foot radius.  (Master)

Conjuration Spells

Conjure Earth Atronach - An apprentice level spell that summons an earth atronach to fight for the caster.  (Apprentice)
Conjure Wind Atronach - An adept level spell that summons a wind atronach to fight for the caster. (Adept)
Conjure Water Atronach  - An expert level spell that summons a water atronach to fight for the caster. (Expert)
Earth Thrall -  Summons an earth atronach permanently. (Master)
Wind Thrall - Summons a wind atronach permanently. (Master)
Water Thrall - Summons a water atronach permanently. (Master)

Spell and Staff Acquisition 

Spell Tomes for the new spells can be purchased from any merchant that normally sells destruction/conjuration spell tomes. For example, Faralda at the College of Winterhold carries all of the new spells as long as your character's destruction skill is high enough. Staves can be crafted.

Note: The MASTER level spell tomes added by EDM will pop-up in vendor sell lists once you are EXPERT level in the respective magic skill. This is due to a limitation found in default vanilla Skyrim where there are no MASTER level 100 spell tome leveled lists. (they are obtained via quest not vendor in the base game)

There is also a cheat chest in Whiterun's Dragonsreach in Farengar's room. (contains all spell tomes and staves added by EDM)


Version 1.1.0:
- Fixed leveled lists to now properly include novice spell tomes.
- Changed the name of the mod's esp from "Elemental Destruction" to "Elemental Destruction Magic Redux".
- The above changes make loot and other applications not suggest patches that are not required or recommended to be used with the redux version.
- You will lose previously acquired spells added by this mod. Reacquire them from a spell tome vendor or from the cheat chest.


Q: How do I get the spells/staves? 

A: Refer to the above section entitled Spell and Staff Acquisition 

Q: Is this mod compatible with my other spell mods or overhauls? 

A: This mod should be compatible with essentially every other mod made for Skyrim.

Q: Why are vendors not selling the spell tomes for the new spells? 

A: A possible reason is that your character's destruction magic level is too low. These spells are treated like all other spells in Skyrim and will only be made available for purchase once your character meets the minimum destruction magic level requirement. 


Elemental Destruction Magic was made by reaperix. All credit goes to reaperix for creating this fantastic mod.
I obtained permission to make this revised version of EDM from reaperix.