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Adds wind, water, and earth spells to destruction magic.

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Elemental Destruction Magic 

Adds earth, water, and wind as new types of destruction magic. Besides dealing the same amount of health damage as their vanilla counterparts, each new type of destruction magic has a unique secondary effect as well. Water spells stop enemy Magicka and Stamina regeneration for several seconds, earth spells stop Health regeneration and have a chance to stagger targets, and wind spells have a chance to blow targets away. This mod contains 30 new spells, including 24 destruction spells, 6 conjuration spells, 9perks, 3 weapon enchantments, and 3 armor enchantments. New spell casting enemies that use these new spells have also been added. The Dragonborn version includes the spell Ash Cloak to replace the vanilla Whirlwind Cloak spell and adds a new Dragon Priest masks for each element.

For the versions of the mod that don't contain new perks for the new spells, you can increase their power through the vanilla perks. Earth, water, and wind spells benefit from the Augmented Flames, Augmented Frost, and Augmented Shock perks respectively. 

The current versions include unique enemy resistances to the new magic types, with Argonians being 50% resistant to water, Orcs being 50% resistant to Earth, as well as earth, water, and wind resistance enchantments. (Only the player gets the benefits of the resistance enchanments, not NPCs)  

If you're currently using either of my Water or Wind Destruction Magic mods and want to use the Elemental Destruction mod, please uninstall or unsubscribe from my previous mods as everything from those two mods is included in this one.



Earth Spells    

Gravel - A spray of rocks and dirt.          
Rock Blast - Launches a small stone. 
Earth Rune  - Explodes in an eruption of rocks and dirt.
Stalagmite  - Raises a rocky spike from the ground or walls to deal damage in a 10 foot radius. Can also be used to obstruct enemies for a few seconds.
Rock Cloak  - A cloak of dust and rocks that rotate around the caster.    
Boulder - Fires a large stone.   
Wall of Earth - Creates a barrier of jagged rocks when sprayed on the ground.
Earthquake  - A tremor lasting 20 seconds that periodically staggers targets within 40 feet of the epicenter. 

Water Spells

Rapids - A spray of water.
Waterball - Launches a small orb of water.
WaterRune - Explodes in an eruption of water.
Geyser - Fires a medium size ball of water that creates a geyser on impact and damages targets within a 15 foot radius.
Rain Cloak - Surrounds the caster in a cloak of water.
Torrent - Fires a large orb of water.
Wall of Water - Creates a barrier of damaging water when sprayed on the ground.
Tidal Wave  - Summons a huge wave of water. Aiming at 45 degree angle before release the wave will allow it travel further. 

Wind Spells

Gust - A spray of wind.
Zephyr - Fires a gust of wind.
Wind Rune - Explodes in an eruption of wind.
Tornado - Fires a whirlwind that can pass through objects while hitting multiple targets, but moves slowly and has a limited range. 
Whirlwind Cloak - Surrounds the caster in wind.
Tempest - Launches a large gust of wind.
Wall of Wind - Creates a damaging barrier of hazardous wind when sprayed on the ground.
Cyclone - Fires a large tornado that has an 80% chance to blow away anything withing a 15 foot radius.  

Conjuration Spells

Conjure Earth Atronach - An apprentice level spell that summons an earth atronach to fight for the caster.  
Conjure Wind AtronachAn adept level spell that summons a wind atronach to fight for the caster.
Conjure Water Atronach  - An expert level spell that summons a water atronach to fight for the caster.
Earth Thrall -  Summons an earth atronach permanently.
Wind Thrall - Summons a wind atronach permanently.
Water Thrall - Summons a water atronach permanently.

Destruction Perks

Augmented Earth - Earth spells do 50% more damage.
Augmented Water - Water spells do 50% more damage.
Augmented Wind - Wind spells do 50% more damage.
Armor Crusher - Earth damage makes targets much more vulnerable to physical damage if their health is low.
Dry Drown - Water damage will cause targets to start drowning if their health is low.
Gale Force - Wind damage will always blow targets away if their health is low.

Enchanting Perks

Earth Enchanter - Earth enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger.
Water Enchanter - Water enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger.
Wind Enchanter - Wind enchantments on weapons and armor are 25% stronger.

Spell and Enchantment Acquisition 

Spell Tomes for the new spells can be purchased from any merchant that normally sells destruction spell tomes. Faralda at the College of Winterhold carries all of the new spells as long as your character's destruction skill is high enough. Weapons with the new enchantments have a chance to be sold by blacksmiths or they can be acquired as loot from enemies. Items are leveled, so characters at low level won't be able to get the new higher level spells until they increase their destruction skill, just like the vanilla spells. Staffs for some of the elemental spells can also be obtained as loot. The master level spells require that you complete the Destruction Ritual Spell quest (given by Faralda once your character reaches a destruction skill level of 100) before they will be made available for purchase.

The new Dragon Priest masks can be found in a new chest behind the table in the southeast corner in the main bedroom at Severin Manor in Raven Rock. 


Certain types of enemies are resistant or weak to the new magic types

Resistant to Water - Argonians, Mudcrabs, Slaughterfish

Resistant to Earth - Orcs, Trolls, Spriggans

Resistant to Wind - Dwarven Centurions, Mammoths

Weak to Water - Dwarven Automatons, Dremora, Ash Spawn

Weak to Earth - Spiders, Chaurus

Future Updates


Q: How do I get the spells? 

A: Refer to the above section entitled Spell and Enchantment Acquisition 

Q: Will you make more types of destruction magic, such as light, dark, etc? 

A: No, I'm done with creating new types of destruction magic. I appreciate all the suggestions that I've received for new types of spells, but I'm ready to be done with this type of mod. I may create poison magic at some point in the future, but that won't happen for awhile if ever and I definitely won't be creating new magic types after that. I will continue support this mod, however. So, if you think you've found a bug, even if it's just a typo in a spell description, please let me know.  

Q: Wouldn't these spells be better with X effect instead? 

A: I understand that a lot of people have different opinions on what the secondary effects of these spells should be, but I'm happy with what they currently are. You're welcome to leave suggestions, just understand that the chances of me incorporating your idea is very low. Also, I've heard the suggestion for the water spells to apply a weakness to shock effect many times. I've opted not to implement it for two reasons. 1) I don't want to relegate water spells to only be used as support for shock spells 2) Adding a weakness to shock effect would mess with the spell balance. It would at best, make dual casting shock spells pointless and at worst make every other type of destruction magic inferior to a water shock combo.

Q: Is this mod compatible with my other spell mods or overhauls? 

A: This mod was created with vanilla Skyrim in mind and compatibility with other mods was not a concern. I will not be going out of my way to make this mod compatible with SkyRe or any other magic overhaul or perk mods. If you have one of these mods installed, you should still be able use the new spells, they just probably won't benefit from the other mods. 

Q: Why are vendors not selling the spell tomes for the new spells? 

A: This problem is likely being caused by a mod conflict. A simple solution for this is to place the esp file for this mod lower down in the mod load order, below any other mods that also add spells to the game. Load up your game and the tomes should be in the inventory of any vendor that sells spell tomes. Purchase and use the tomes for the spells you want, save your game and quit and then return the mod to wherever it was in the load order previously. The new tomes will disappear from vendors' inventories again, but you should still be able to use the new spells. 

Another possible reason is that your character's destruction magic level is too low. These spells are treated like all other spells in Skyrim and will only be made available for purchase once your character meets the minimum destruction magic level requirement. Gravel, Rapids, and Gust should always be available regardless of skill level, so if you don't see them being sold by merchants, it's probably because of a mod conflict.


Anyone with a mod of their own is free to incorporate this mod or any of it's custom assets into it, so long as they as they cite these spells as my creation and have a link posted in their mod description to where they originally got this mod. I'd also appreciate being notified by the modder that they are going to incorporate this mod into their own mod, but it isn't required.