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A simple mod that allows your Dovahkiin to do extra things when hold activating an object.

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A simple mod that allows your Dovahkiin to do extra things when hold activating an object that is heavily inspired by Kesta/NotShia's Just Do It and Mardoxx and CDCooley's Sometimes Pick Up Books. This is my own take on the concept that doesn't use hotkeys and adds a few extra activation features not implemented in either mod.

Hold activate an object for one second or longer and you will now be able to use items immediately without going into your inventory. Crime is supported so if picking up an object would count as stealing, then hold activating it will also count. So far, here's what's supported:
- Hold activating weapons, staves, scrolls, or a shield will immediately equip and draw it. You can also dual-wield equip a weapon to an empty hand as long as you have a one handed weapon drawn and leave one of your hands empty.
- Hold activating armor, clothing, and jewelry will immediately equip it.
- Hold activating torches and torch sconces will immediately equip the torch.
- Hold activating potions, food, and ingredients will cause you to immediately consume them. You can also consume ingredients still on harvestable flora and even harvestable insects, fish, and hanging rabbits/salmon/pheasants by hold activating them and be a nasty, gross, filthy, barbaric animal who likes to eats things raw. :P
- Hold activating poisons will add them to your inventory and give you a prompt to poison your currently equipped weapon.
- Hold activating miscellaneous objects will put them in your inventory just like normal activation. Yeah, I know, it's a bit redundant. :P

In addition; this mod also allows you to pick up books as an alternate method of activation. When installing the mod, you will be given a prompt to choose whether you want the pick up option to be the default option or the hold activation option.

SKSE v1.7.3 or later

1. Install SKSE
2. Install this mod
3. When loading your game, a prompt will appear asking how you want to configure book pickup. Simply choose which option you want and the mod will install

If you pick the modded option for books where pickup is the default option, sometimes the prompt for stealing a book will take a while to show up. This is just like Sometimes Pick Up Books since it uses a similar method for book stealing. If you don't like this, just use the default option.

Version 1.0:
First Release

The SKSE Team for making Papyrus scripting more powerful
Kesta/NotShia's for Just Do It and Mardoxx and CDCooley for Sometimes Pick Up Books which were the original inspirations for this mod
whoever contributes to the Creation Kit wiki for documenting papyrus functions
Bethesda for Skyrim, Creation Kit, Skyrim SE, and Fallout 76... Wait, scratch that last one. :P