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Help to reduce dovahkiin's dumbness. Now he can actually eat an apple without having to put it in his pocket first !
Features are not limited to eating apples.

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Attention: This mod is no longer being supported or updated.

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Just Do It
An inventory-free way to use items

"A few times ago, I came back home from work and was a bit hungry. There was an apple on the table. So I ate the apple.
Then, I started to play Skyrim, as per usual. iNeed made my character hungry, just like I was a moment ago. There was an apple on the table. But I couldn't just eat the apple, I had to put it in my inventory first... Pretty dumb heh ? Well, I decided to make a mod about that."

 - Life of a lonely modder, 2016

Disclaimer : Despite the story above being about apples, this mod cover much more items. It would even work with banana (which are nothing like apples), if there was bananas in Skyrim.


Press a hotkey to seamlessly enter an alternate mode, where you can instantly "use" items found in the world :
 - Equip armors, clothing, weapons, etc... 
 - Eat food and drink beverages
 - Consume potions
 - Taste ingredients *
 - Apply poisons to your weapons
* Only ingredients laying around, not those still hanging in tree or bush. You're a dovahkiin, not an animal, so behave like one !

Full support for crime when stealing, including prompt displayed as red-text (Still compatible with any UI/HUD mod).

Compatible with mods adding animations to items consumption.

Configurable hotkey via MCM (I know, nothing original here... but this mod page really looked empty).

Possibility to use toggle mode (No need to keep holding the hotkey). Keep in mind that scripts are running while the JDI mode is active.

Lightweight papyrus, scripts only runs when you press the hotkey. (Unless you use toggle mode and leave it ON)

Hotkey is L-Shift per default.


Review by Chaos_Hellfire

Complementary mods

Sometimes Pick Up Book by Mardoxx and CDCooley

Known Issues

Small delay (~0.3s) to update the UI prompt. (Still work fine even if you use the item before the UI update its display)
Some custom mod-added beverages might have the "Eat" prompt instead of "Drink" if they use custom sounds.
Some potions added by CACO cannot be used directly.

Credits and Thanks

Bethesda - Skyrim
SKSE Team - Skyrim Script Extender
SkyUI Team - MCM and HUD functionality access
Mardoxx and cdcooley - A lot of the scripting from SPUB pointed me to the right direction
MrJack - Scripting wouldn't be the same without SublimePapyrus

BowmoreLover - Japanese Translation