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An expanded version of Enemy Enhancer mod by 3jiou

Permissions and credits
This is the LE version of the mod. For the SE version, you can find it here

This mod expands Enemy Enhancer mod by 3jiou to cover more actor types and more buff types. (This is a standalone mod; the original mod is not required)

Description from the original mod:

There are difficulty settings in Skyrim and they are great, but they have a significant disadvantage - they affect player character only. So as soon as you get a follower or two your opponents are not a threat anymore. Enemy Enhancer allows you to fix that, chose an enemy type in MCM from available options and turn all enemies of that type into killing machines. Want certain enemies with 50,000 health that deal more than four times the damage of Legendary Dragons? You can do that. Just want more health for longer fights? You can do that.

Whatever your style, Enemy Enhancer allows you to adjust health, physical/magic damage, armor values, and resistances all independently of one another. No matter how ridiculously overpowered your Dragonborn is, your enemies can and will rise to the challenge. Make your changes and rush into combat, and adjust as needed. It's really that simple.

Enemy Enhancer is a great mod, but is too basic in my opinion. It covers relatively limited actor types, while not seemingly capable to differ buffs to be applied exclusively for each of them. For example, if i only want to add buffs to vampires only, i can't do it using the original mod because it only checks for 'ActorTypeUndead' keyword so it will buff all kinds of undead NPCs (as long as they have 'ActorTypeUndead' keyword). In addition, it's also possible to apply double/multiple buffs to an actor unintentionally if the actor has more than a single keyword among all keywords which are used for checks in the original mod. For example, if there is an actor who has both 'ActorTypeDwarven' and 'ActorTypeDragon' keywords, then any buffs applied to Dwarven type actors and Dragon type actors will both be applied to this actor. So it's possible to unintentionally make certain actors become too overpowered. And due to this nature, the original mod doesn't seem to work well with NPCs from mods, because some of them have multiple actor keywords which can result in overlapping buffs as i mentioned previously.

This mod resolves these issues by adding more variables to check (not keywords only like in the original mod), while adding more buff types so we can have more customization for the buffs to each actor type. For example, you can make Ghosts immune to poison and disease while add them a very high armor rating (to simulate their "immunity" to physical damage and mundane detrimental substances), or make Dragon Priests able to absorb x% magicka from hostile spells. And because this mod has more variables to check (there are factions, race, and voice types, on top of keywords), it's more compatible with NPCs from mods. I specifically modified this mod to work well with Skyrim Immersive Creatures (SIC) while also took considerations for NPCs from other popular mods which i'm also using.

In addition, this mod also adds actor type options for non-hostile actors, so now you can also buff your followers, friendly NPCs (guards, citizens, etc), and other friendly/non-hostile actors. This mod also adds options to buff 3 main bosses in the game: Alduin, Harkon, and Miraak.

Actor Type Options

Hostile actor type options:

Humanoids (Men, Mer, Beastfolks)
Common Undead
Dragon Priests
Vampire Beasts (Gargoyles)
Soul Cairn Inhabitants
Common Daedra (atronaches)
Greater Daedra (Dremoras)
Dwemer Animunculi - Regular Type
Dwemer Animunculi - Centurion Type
Falmers, Goblins, Durzogs
Rieklings, Bristlebacks, Other Goblins
MudCrabs & Dreughs
Other Animals (animal-type actors other than the ones mentioned above)
Other Creatures (creature-type actors other than the ones mentioned above)

Lord Harkon

Non-hostile actor type options:

Current Followers
Friendly Humanoids (Men, Mer, Beastfolks)
Friendly Undead
Friendly Skeletons
Friendly Dragon Priests
Friendly Vampires
Friendly Vampire Beasts (Gargoyles)
Friendly Ghosts
Friendly Giants
Friendly Dragons
Friendly Daedra (atronaches, Dremoras)
Friendly Lurkers
Friendly Seekers
Friendly Werebeasts
Friendly Dwarven Animunculi
Friendly Spriggans
Friendly Hagravens
Friendly Falmers, Goblins, Durzogs
Friendly Rieklings, Bristlebacks, Other Goblins
Friendly Trolls
Friendly Mammoths
Friendly MudCrabs & Dreughs
Friendly Other Animals (animal-type actors other than the ones mentioned above)
Friendly Other Creatures (creature-type actors other than the ones mentioned above)

Buff Options


Health - increases Health by a selected percentage, up to +1000%
Magicka - increases Magicka by a selected percentage, up to +1000%
Stamina - increases Stamina by a selected percentage, up to +1000%
Health Regen Rate - increases Health Regeneration Rate by a selected percentage
Magicka Regen Rate - increases Magicka Regeneration Rate by a selected percentage
Stamina Regen Rate - increases Stamina Regeneration Rate by a selected percentage
Armor Rating - increases the armor rating by a selected percentage, or adds the same amount as armor rating if an actor has no armor
Poison Resistance - increases poison resistance by a selected percentage
Disease Resistance - increases disease resistance by a selected percentage
Magic Resistance - increases magic resistance by a selected percentage
Fire Resistance - increases resistance to fire damage by a selected percentage
Shock Resistance - increases resistance to shock damage by a selected percentage
Frost Resistance - increases resistance to frost damage by a selected percentage
Spell Absorbtion - adds spell absorbtion by a selected percentage
Speed Multiplier - increases speed by a selected percentage
Physical Damage - increases the damage of melee and ranged weapons by a selected percentage
Destruction Spell Damage - increases the damage of Destruction spells by a selected percentage


In your load order, put the .esp of this mod above lighting mods (ELFX, Relighting Skyrim, etc) and below mods which modify Ash Spawn race. Put the .esp below Cutting Room Floor mod.


This mod is conflicting with Elemental Destruction Magic because that mod also makes edit to Ash Spawn race. It can easily be patched using TES5Edit. Just forward changes from both mods. You can also open all plugins in your load order using TES5edit to check if there is any conflict with changes from this mod.

Additional Notes and Limitations

This mod was based on version 1.0 of the original mod. Why didn't i use version 1.1.0 of the original mod? Because the "Modified Defenses" feature from version 1.1.0 is also done by other mod with overally better approach and more complete options. I'd rather recommend you to use that mod instead if you like the feature. Read more under Recommended Mods section.

Because this mod mainly relies on keyword, faction, race, and voice type checks, there will always be actors who are not covered properly by the mod. Either they have multiple keywords or factions which don't follow normal actor keywording or factioning ("out of the normal way"), or they lack the necessary keyword or faction instead. It's not possible to solve such issue via a single mod, especially one which runs in runtime (like this mod). So, if you encounter such issue, the only option is to edit the specific actor who/which was set "out of the normal way" by adding or removing keyword(s), faction(s), or change his/her/its voice type to make him/her/it resembles any normal actors he/she/it is supposed to be.

Recommended Mods

ASIS + its improved .INI, to add perks to all available actors and make them affected by enchanted items and more potion types

Know Your Enemy, to give immersive resistances and weaknesses to each actor type to make their encounters require more tactics and strategy

To-do List

If conditions allow, i'd like to do these:

1. Add more unique boss NPCs to actor type options: Ancano, Mercer Frey, Red Eagle, Arch-Curate Vyrthur, Forgemaster, Karstaag, Haknir Deathbrand, Ebony Warrior
2. Add more NPC types to actor type options: Bandits, Forsworns, Imperials, Stormcloaks, Dawnguards, Guards
3. Add more buff options: Arrows Resistance, Bladed Weapons Resistance,  Blunt Weapons Resistance, Mundane Weapons Resistance (if possible), Weakness to Silver/Blessed/Cursed Weapons. This addition requires the mod to use Spell Perk Item Distribution (SPID) mod as a requirement.
4. Add another version based on v1.1 version of the original which has resistances added, just in case if some people prefer to have it than using another different mod