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Tweaks to every single weapon (except staffs or arrows) in the game. Transforms the weapons in Skyrim, from a bland collection of carbon copies with different models, into an infinitely diverse and interesting collection of different weapons, with unique character, and different strengths and weaknesses. Specs are displayed also.

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Weapon Balance Overhaul and Specs Displayed

This mod makes one or more tweak to every single weapon (except magic staffs or arrows) in the game. There is no longer a standard "reach" for all one handed, two-handed, and daggers, but rather, each weapon has its own unique reach, based on its actual size. This is especially true for blades, while axes/hammers I used my judgement based on playability as well. The "stagger" rating of every weapon is now directly correlated with the weight of the weapon- the heavier a weapon is, the more likely it will induce a stagger. "Speed" of weapons is much more variable as well- some weapons have a quicker swing than other weapons of its type, but likely have a weakness in another way (faster but less damage, faster but less reach, or vice versa, etc...)

These tweaks transform the weapons in Skyrim, from a bland collection of carbon copies with different models, into an infinitely diverse and interesting collection of different weapons, with unique character, different strengths and weaknesses, which will lead to much more contemplation required in order to decide which weapon/s are best suited to your character's particular combat style, or even for a particular encounter, etc.

In addition to all this, I have also made all of these specs visible to the player, simply by adding the info next to the weapon name. So, next time you're shopping at Warmaiden's, it won't be nearly as simple as just buying the weapon with the highest damage rating and calling it a day... not so fast...there will be MUCH more for you to consider. Yes, you will still find that the higher tiers are superior to the lower tiers in general, an ebony sword is obviously far superior to an iron sword overall, for example, but an iron sword is slightly faster than the ebony sword. It gets much more interesting when comparing weapons which are in closer tiers, like a Daedric sword does more damage, but an Ebony sword is a bit faster and slightly better reach... the considerations are endless.

Lastly, there are a couple of other touches added by this mod, such as the dawnguard weapons have a special enchantment the applies only when striking vampires, and the Nettlebane is extremely dangerous to Spriggan races. 

I've lost count of how many hundreds of hours I've poured into this entire project, as every single modification here was done individually and manually, through trial and error, no use of any scripts or shortcuts. The benefit to the user is that, like all my mods, this mod requires only a simple ESP plugin, no hassle, no scripts, no risk in installing/uninstalling, and absolutely no hit to performance.

This mod requires only Skyrim along with all DLC's. I will be creating optional files,or "patches" so that you can apply this overhaul to weapons from Immersive Weapons, along with possibly other mods as well. 

I want to thank Bethesda for creating the best game of all time, and also thank all of the genius mod authors who have taken that game to levels that will never be matched by any other game. I hope that this tiny contribution of mine will add just that little extra magic to at least one player out there, to pay back just a sliver of all the joy you've all brought to me since I first discovered this wonderful world of Skyrim 4 years ago. God bless you all.

Installation - install with any mod manager, or simply drop the esp into data.

Uninstallation - Just pull the esp back out, should cause no complications.

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