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The aim of this mod is to consolidate the crafting of soaps in Skyrim in a, to my understanding, realistic way. This mod is based around CACO ingredients, and its portions but incorporates both Hunderborn, Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey, and vanilla ingredients.

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I would normally do a much more in-depth mod page. But very honestly it is entirely too hot to do that at the moment. So consider this a work in progress. The mod itself is finished and will not be worked on further unless someone brings to my attention some other type of fat that needs to get a conversion into Animal Tallow from Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul or a bug/unintended behaviour.


What this mod does/adds
  1. Adds conditions for the base mod's recipes (Bathing in Skyrim). It should effectively make it so that if you have CACO installed, they don't show up at all. I haven't seen any issues with this, but if there are let me know.
  2. Adds a set of new recipes that utilize both Animal Tallow and Salt (token/portions) instead of the vanilla ingredients Troll Fat and Salt Pile respectively.
  3. Adds a secondary set of recipes that utilize Troll Tallow instead of Animal Tallow, it also doubles the amount of soaps produced from 5 to 10. The logic here is that Troll Tallow is of a higher quality, and thus produces more soaps.
  4. Because Hunterborn adds a recipe to create 3 Spriggan Sap from a 1 Taproot, I also made a different recipe to make 1-2 bars of Spriggan Soap with some Sap instead.
  5. All recipes (original and not) also require the player to have at least 1 of the main ingredient for the recipe in inventory, if there are no herbs needed then it will
  6. be looking for the fat in the recipe (Troll Fat/Tallow, Dwemer Oil,Taproot, or Spriggan Sap). This feature is also linked to CACO's decluttering feature, so if that option is ticked (or not I can't recall which one at the moment) the recipe should appear and disappear even without the required items in inventory.
  7. The alternate main HBFP.esp file adds a single extra recipe that converts Humanoid Fat into Animal Tallow. As much a us humans don't seem to want to think about it, we are classified within the Animal Kingdom (last I heard at least, science moves too fast for me to keep up with all of it). So Humanoid Fat provided by the Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey mod should be able to be converted to Animal Tallow.
  8. Now, for those that will potentially complain, yes I thought about adding a different item, with extra recipes. But you know what? That is just far more work than is necessary, not to mention that it adds a layer of complexity that just isn't needed either.

    For those wondering, if you are using the Hunterborn - CACO patch (which you should be if you are using CACO with Hunterborn), it contains a recipe to turn Animal Fat into Animal Tallow. CACO itself covers its self added Bear and Fox fat. It also has a recipe for Troll Fat to Troll Tallow of course. This means that it will all boil down to Tallow for soap making.


This mod makes the patches made for Bathing in Skyrim and the following mods obsolete. If you do not remove them from your game you will have approximately 7 extra recipes cluttering your cooking menu since most of these patches do not use conditions to remove the recipes in any form.

This mod also works to replace the existing CACO Soaps for Bathing in Skyrim patch that as of this writing (22-May-2020) does not work properly because of updates made to CACO. I would have given this patch to the original author, but it ended up not being so much of an update but more of a remake from the ground up.

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