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Changes soap's fat and salt requirements to fit with CACO ingredients.

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Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul added 2 new animal fat ingredients (Bear fat and Fox fat), it also changes the way salt piles are used when cooking (changing each salt pile into 5 portions of salt) which made creating soap impossible.
This mod changes the Original soap recipes to use 5 salt portions instead of a salt pile as well as use an Animal Tallow (made from Bear and Fox fat) instead of Troll fat, except for Superior Floral Soap which will use Troll Tallow to keep in line with CACO usage.

(Edit: I was told there is an MCM setting that enables you to recombine the salts into a salt pile, but the soap recipes will still work)


Bathing in Skyrim
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul


Download the file and install using your mod manager, or download manually and extract the file to your data folder.
Use LOOT for load order, or place after the requirements.

There shouldn't be a problem installing this mod in an existing save.


Ver 1.0
- Adds new soap recipes for Bear and Fox Fat.

Ver 1.1
- Changed soap recipes to use tallow instead of fat, troll tallow for Superior Floral Soap and animal tallow for the rest of the soaps.
  This will reduce clutter as well as reduce incompatibilities with other mods.
(Thanks to sharrken for the changes above)

Thanks to the mod creators for their great efforts.
kryptopyr - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
mz1n - Bathing in Skyrim