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About this mod

This is a simple follower extension MOD. You will be able to take up to 10 humanoid followers from the normal conversation dialogue.

Features required for multiple followers, such as prevention of hostilities, are already implemented.

Permissions and credits
for Special Edition ->


- Increase the number of followers
You will be able to take up to 10 humanoid followers. Only NPCs that have been set up as candidate followers are eligible.
In the case of animals, there is no change for one animal only.

- Prevention of hostilities
Reduces the power of physical attacks and destructive magic between followers, making them less hostile.
In addition, if they are antagonized, they will be instructed to stop fighting immediately.

- Prevention of detachment
While moving through the field, it will automatically bring in followers who have become far away.
However, if the follower is riding, it is invalid.

- Prevention of traps operation
Only during the sneak, the pressure plate or tripwire will not activate even if the follower has not mastered the "Light Foot".

- Relaxing AI
Only when the player is sitting or crafting does the follower relax after waiting a few seconds.
They sit in chairs or use craft equipment or idle markers.

- Death notice
When a follower dies, you will be notified in a message at the top left.

Pay attention
  • After a breakup conversation, don't talk to other NPCs until you've had a proper breakup.
  • If you want someone to join the Blades, stop this MOD temporarily at the control panel and take them one by one.

Control panel
There is a control panel at Farengar's room in Dragonsreach. It is located on a post to the right of the Arcane Enchanter.

When the control panel is activated, a dialog box will open to start/stop the function of this MOD.

SKSE 1.7.3

Install with the mod management tool.

  1. Stop the function at the control panel in game.
  2. Uninstall with the mod management tool.

In this MOD, "DialogueFollowerScript.pex" has been changed.
This script cannot be used with other MODs that modify it.