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Replace User Interface or HUD with look a like MMORPG.

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At first, this mod intended for myself. But I gladly to share it, perhaps some people like/want this mod.

Requirement and install order :

1. Less Intrusive HUD II - Main files
2. Less Intrusive HUD II - FISS Patch -towatot
3. FISS 
4. A Matter Of Time ( The time widget. )
5. Widget Mod ( The level number, gold widget and carryweight widget. )
6. GreenTea
7. Optional, main font.
    Font for Skyrim - Futura Condensed Light

8. This mod.

9. Load the preset / the FISS preset for Less Intrusive HUD II, A Matter Of time & Widget Mod.

10. Apply these setting manual for SKY UI Active Effects.
( This image include in the mod archive.)

NOTE : Make sure inside Greentea.ini, DisableMiniMap=false, and DisableStatusDisplay=false.

- If you using moreHUD, please using v2_1_3 than latest ver. Because latest ver. conflict with Greentea's Enemy name/level text.

Change enemy name, arrow, etc... font (inside hudmenu.swf) by Miery

1. Open hudmenu.swf in JPEXS software, then expand fonts submenu.
2. Then click on "DefineFont3:Gautami",
3. Click on "Embed" in low right section and check a "ttf file" option.
4. Then choose your ttf and check "all characters" option and then confirm overwrite.
5. Save file.

Known Issues:
- Enemy health bar reduce to the right, instead left.
- Level up bar still default.

Q: How to re-arrange Health bar, Compass, resize enemy health bar and more?
A: You can check and read PDF user manual from this mod.

English is not my native language...
Sorry if I'm not descriptive enough.

elxdark - For reference and sample UI. Customizable UI Replacer.
Felisky - GreenTea. 
Lavinge77 - Less Intrusive HUD II.
LordConti2 - FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script.
Skyamigo - A Matter Of Time.
CrEaToXx - Widget Mod.