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what was I gonna do anyways. This is an Enemy Overhaul. A collection of changes I've done to Skyrim's creatures over the years. Bosses are stronger, drop unique loot, NPCs have new spells and abilities, player can obtain new spells and abilities and enchantments etc...

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Enhanced enemies, new enemies and ranks, new loot, new enchantments, new enemies placed in some areas... This mod tries to make enemies more versatile and more rewarding. No one-shots through walls/spells that ignore any kind of resistance.

UPDATE 26.04.2022

My mod is officially out of its infancy stage and this page is obsolete. Check out the actual mod here!  Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback that helped me shape my beloved project! Without you I wouldn't have had the desire to continue maintaining my work. You can also check what's been added in the documentation tab here on THIS mod page.

I will keep this mod page for those who want to download older versions or check the patch notes.