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what was I gonna do anyways. This is an Enemy Overhaul. A collection of changes I've done to Skyrim's creatures over the years. Bosses are stronger, drop unique loot, NPCs have new spells and abilities, player can obtain new spells and abilities and enchantments etc...

Permissions and credits
Enhanced enemies, new enemies and ranks, new loot, new enchantments, new enemies placed in some areas... This mod tries to make enemies more versatile and more rewarding. No one-shots through walls/spells that ignore any kind of resistance.

IMPORTANT! This mod NOT meant to be used solely as a difficulty overhaul so use it in combination with other mods. A lot of enemies will be harder to kill of course since they get new gear and spells but the main goal is to make things more versatile so when you can't kill something strong it wont be only because of its high rank but because of the new tools, spells and gear it has. If the game becomes too hard I recommend using other mods that make you stronger or tweaking the difficulty.

I added a new addon you should try if you are tired of low level creatures that appear in high end places(WIP currently).

- For those of you who don't know NPCs inside dungeons are marked as Easy, Medium, Hard or Very hard. However the problem is that the designers of the game filled all dungeons with 2/3 Easy NPCs. Usually the first few NPCs are always Easy and then you start getting a mix of Easy and Medium. Deeper in the dungeon you might find a Hard NPC that is usually supposed to be some sort of a mini boss(that Draugr in the big room deeper in Bleak Falls Barrow that always spawns as Restless Draugr when everything so far was regular Draugr.. Thats the Hard NPC). And of course the final Boss is marked as Very Hard. What usually happens when you enter a Dungeon is that the first dozen of enemies aren't even a challenge(Easy marked NPCs are only 0.33x player level) and when you go deeper you start encountering something powerful. I think this is a very bad and misleading design and especially with Enemy Overhauls like my mod you might get halfway through a dungeon only to realize you can't finish it, leading to many dungeons left for later.

So what this new addon does is it goes into some of the high end dungeons to set more NPCs as Medium, Hard or Very Hard. Its a standalone mod so you can use it with anything. Also no, tweaking the settings for Easy, Medium, Hard or Very Hard NPCs doesn't fix the issue. Even if you use TES5Edit or the Creation kit to set "Easy" spawns to be 5x the player level and your level is 100, an easy NPC still has the chance to spawn anything, even a regular lvl 6 Draugr because they seem to ignore the <= PC settings in Leveled Lists.

The mod does counts as an "edit" to the entire cell, if you have mods that tweak the lightning or add new music to that place they wont work there. So you need to fix it in TES5Edit for whatever combination of mods you use that edit these cells.

3.Loot and Enchantments
4.Balance(READ THIS)
5.Compatibility and load order

- It's just a simple esp file. Install like any normal mod.
- Then you need to install Attack Speed Fix

All DLCs + Attack Speed Fix(also known as Attack Speed Framework)

Explain pls:
- Why do I need Attack Speed Fix? Because my mod is based around it. Nothing crashy will happen if you don't have it but creatures that have high attack speed will have weird attack speed if you don't. After you install just open the MCM and set attack speed for everyone to 1. You can also go higher for speedier combat of course.


Main Features:
- Enemies have enhanced resistances so you need to abuse their weaknesses instead of just spamming your "one spell/weapon to kill them all" on everything.

- Enemies start at different minimum levels - In the vanilla game even if you're level one and you go into a vampire nest, the game will fill the place with Vampire Fledglings and you will still be able to clear any dungeon since everything will almost always be on your level or lower. Now though, wildlife starts at level 7-10 +, forsworn start at level 13-16 +, vampires start at level 26+ and so on. You can no longer go wherever you please at any level.

- Encounter Zones - I haven't covered all of them, just the major ones. What an encounter zone is basically: you enter a dungeon and the encounter zone is 15-25 and that means the dungeon will treat you at the bare minimum as if you were level 15 and at max 25, meaning a lvl 1 character will face Draugr Wights straight off the bat in some dungeons. Cool feature right? Except in the vanilla game they are all set at level 2-6 with the exception of dragon priest dungeons. Now most of these minimal levels are adjusted meaning you will face weaker Draugr in more basic ones but if you enter a Dragon Priest lair prepare to face Draugr Beastlord Murdergods straight away.

- Abilities - custom new abilities for almost all creatures. Vampires get more vampire spells(only drainlife in the vanilla game), forsworn can heal and shield allies, high ranked mages have new custom spells and necromancers actually use necromancy themed summons, some falmer have poison spells, draugr can use most non-useless vanilla shouts. Some bosses get crazy new abilities.

- Resistances - enemies have enhanced resistances. Elemental mages have affinity for their element. Undead creatures that are hard or impossible to hit critically are very resistant or immune to crits, creatures such as Chaurus, Bears, Mammoths that have natural protection also get armor boost. I also tried to balance out fire and frost resistances and weaknesses a bit so frost magic isn't so worthless against 80% of creatures, though you should still apply vanilla logic on most enemies.

- New ranks - in the vanilla game you usually have about 5-7 ranks of each type of enemy. This number is now increased for some creatures and the ranks are more diverse, containing new types such as healers, shamans, stealth types and more. Draugr have ranks that go up to level 60+, mages get priests and priests also have 3 boss versions(regular, holy and plague boss priest). Vampires at high level have new clans(Berne, Aundae, Quarra, Haarvenu and others), though they are rare but all of them fight differently and drop different special loot.

Just a peak at some new things

Briarhearts can inspire allies, giving them                                  Forsworn now also have shamans that                             Hagravens can shield allies, granting them
temporal damage boost. Briarhearts are                                    can heal their allies and conjure healing                              physical and magical damage reduction
also incredibly agile and have higher                                           spriggans.                                                                               they can also summon different types of
resistances compared to the regular                                                                                                                                             spriggans and apply a healing over time
forsworn guy.                                                                                                                                                                                                       effect on allies

Vampires gain more vampirc abilities. When                            Some wildlife creatures also get new buffs.                            Dawnguard now utilize holy spells and  
You reach rank 6th vampires where Volkihar                            Spriggans for example can regenerate like                                 the stronger ones might also have 
Vampires appear, you can also find vampires                          crazy, meaning a low level character will                              exploding crossbow bolts. Their ranks are
from different clans(Quarra, Haarvenu, Berne                          have trouble wandering wherever they want.                           now distinguishable instead of all of
and many more). The most powerful vampires                                                                                                                                   them being named "Dawnguard".
are distinguished by their red misty aura.

Draugr similar to other mods have a growing                          Bosses have new spells and abilities. Unnamed                    Werewolves are tough against non silver
arsenal of shouts. They can also gain health                           ones have better loot and stats. Named ones                          or daedric weapons and have a regen
back via drain vitality or become ethereal.                               are likely to have some good unique trinket on                         ability with a cooldown. Circling rocks
The most powerful of them can use shouts                            them. The most powerful ones such as Dragon                   they can't get on because of the navmesh
like Soul Tear and summon legends from                                Priests are capable of true destruction.                                     while slowly killing them with flames
Sovngarde. Unique Draugr might also have                                                                                                                                                   won't work anymore.
their own unique shouts.

I decided to make Solstheim one of the                                    Falmer use poison based spells. The melee                      Mages start off weak but end up being one
lategame places. Everything there will                                      ones will usually try to turn invisible and sneak                         of the most devastating enemies.
be tough. Apocrypha creatures, draugr                                     on you. Shamans can heal their allies.                              Necromancers will use necromancy themed
dungeons and even reavers are strong.                                    Shadowmasters have improved invisibility.                       summons,  and will raise their fallen allies.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Priests will heal. Conjurers will banish your                                                                                                                                                                                                            summons. High ranked mages also drop                                                                                                                                                                                                            powerful spells and enchanted items you                                                                                                                                                                                                                                can disenchant.        

Also you can check out my other mod that adds some diversity to the civil war. 

This is just a brief overview of some things. If you want full details I have a guide you can find. The guide hasn't been updates since the last few times I did some changes to my mod but should be 99% the same.
Please also read the balance section before you rage at me for how OP some creatures are. This mod is meant to be played in tandem with combat mods and perk overhauls.

Special Loot and Enchantments

Main features:
- New unique loot on unique enemies. If you fight someone that is relevant to the lore it's possible they might have an enchanted item or a new custom spell for you.

- Unnamed bosses also have more loot and can drop new custom spells and items with new enchantments you can disenchant, though not every item will be disenchantable.

- New tiers of enchantments. Some of them are entirely new enchantments but some others are upgraded versions of vanilla ones. You can find them on high end bosses and creatures, meaning the 20 Magicka silver ring you found in the 1st cave won't contain the best magicka enchantment you will use when crafting your final gear. These upgraded versions of existing enchantments work in the same way as the vanilla ones for compatibility reasons. A tier 2 fire damage enchantment will be about 60% better than the regular fire damage one.

- Damage resistance enchantment is one of the more notable ones. Since stronger opponents will have armor penetration, getting your armor value over the cap won't be a waste.

- For a full list of all the new stuff on that topic I have written a text document.

These new features are to balance out late game and make the world more rewarding. It also somewhat fixes the issue of how once you reach a certain level and enchant all your stuff you forget about gearing up from that point on since everything you have is much better than anything you will ever find but now in order to truly become "best in slot" you have to defeat the toughest opponents of the game before you enchant the ultimate gear.

Balance (IMPORTANT!!!)

What mods should you use to balance out the game:

- This mod is meant to be played with combat overhauls, perk overhauls and so on. If you use it on the vanilla game and play on legendary everything will become nigh unkillable and the game will be anything but fun.

- Important thing to note is that there is a huge difference in difficulty of playing a character that goes close in melee range and fights like a man and a character that spams summonable creatures and hides behind his summons and followers so balancing out the game and choosing a difficulty will vary depending on your playstyle.

Important mods you should use:

Attack speed framework(must) - the attack speed values enemies have are based on having this mod to prevent crazy stacking. Otherwise some NPCs will have really slow or insanely quick attack speed, depending on what other mods you use.

Skyrim Community Uncapper(must) - you need this to make your character level up slower. Otherwise if you level up too quickly without having the necessary power to be on that level you will face insanely strong opponents. I usually set my uncapper settings to 0.4 level up speed on 1 handed and 2 handed since these two level up crazy fast while the magical schools I usually put at 0.6 and the grindy ones such as blacksmithing I just keep at default 1. You can also make your character get more than just 10 health/magicka/stamina if you think you need it.

Perk Overhaul(must) - some NPCs are just too powerful for vanilla Skyrim if you want to play on Legendary. Perk Overhauls like PerMa/Ordinator allow you to become really powerful later in the game and this mod was being balanced around having a perk overhaul.

Other Combat Overhauls(optional) - I use mainly ultimate combat and I don't feel like I need anything else. Try to keep your game light. You can try different.

Mods that make the player more powerful(optional) - there are several such mods which can make the player get more health and customize new stats as they level up, making them stronger than usual. This is of course supported as the creatures I've tweaked are now much stronger themselves.

Mods you might want to avoid:
Not that these mods aren't great, it's just that they might cause issues from balance standpoint.

Mods that increase spawns - some enemies, especially the kind that heal like crazy and heal others like crazy might become too powerful in groups.

Mods that increase encounters - if you're finding vampires, werewolves and all kinds of freaks everywhere and you're forced to fight non stop every time you travel a small distance this might speed up your leveling too much and will also lead you to getting crazy amounts of gold as boss enemies are very likely to drop good stuff you can sell. Of course there are some very good such mods I have used myself that let you customize them so you can still try but make sure you don't overdo it.

Choosing game difficulty:
If you picked most of these mods I recommended, setting the difficulty to legendary early on might be a bad idea. I usually start off at expert and if my character starts becoming too op I might pump it up to master or legendary but I rarely stay at the same difficulty a whole playthrough. 

Expert Difficulty or custom values
By custom values I mean mods that let you customize the values of difficulty settings. Expert Difficulty is 1.5x damage taken by you and 0.75x damage taken by enemies. You can experiment and make it 2x damage taken by you and 1x by enemies to make combat deadlier for both.

The reason you probably cannot chose a static difficulty is because the player can reach crazy damage reduction(90% +) which can make them unkillable later on since the way damage reduction effects stack in the game is really horrible. Early game even if you get lets say 25% fire resistance and you have 150 hp an enemy that fireballs you for 100 dmg will two shot you either way. But later on if you have 70% fire resistance and by some means this goes up to 85% which is just 15% more, these 15% will feel like 50% since 15 is 50% out of the remaining 30% unreduced damage. If you get hit for 1000 fire damage and you have 70% fire resistance this will get reduced to 300 damage but if you have 85% it will get reduced to 150, meaning the way damage reduction stacks in the game is really unbalanced

Compatibility and load order

What my mod edits:
- Basic creatures such as Draugr, Vampires, Forsworn and others.
- Most bosses and their loot
- Encounter Zones
- NPC Leveled lists

Combat, Perk and other Overhauls:
- Ordenator
- PerMa
- SkyRe
- Probably all other perk overhauls that aren't Requiem since it touches many other things too
- Civil War Overhauls
- Combat overhauls(things like Wildcat, Ultimate Combat)
- Other enemy overhauls such as Revenge of the Enemies and Advanced Adversary Encounters
- Requiem
- Combat Evolved

I use Combat evolved myself but it's marked as semi compatible as it has options to make damage REALLY scary so be careful when choosing which options to install. There are also a couple of things both mods tweak though nothing major. Still you should probably load my mod after it.

NPC appearance overhauls:
They should all be compatible. I haven't touched anything Bijin mods or other similar mods touch. The only thing I can think about is that there might be incompatibilities if you use such mods on Isran and Harkon since I have them both tweaked.

New armor, weapons and creature mods:
- Immersive Weapons
- Immersive Armors
- Mods that work like the 2 above
- ANY dragon overhaul and mod about dragons
Technically it should be alright as long as you put it under my mod so it loads after it. My mod touches bandits but not to the same extend as OBIS.
Immersive Creatures 
SIC puts some of its own creatures into some leveled lists that I touch as well, though there is very little overlapping. I would put my mod after SIC so it loads after it.

Load order:
Dawnguard and so on
My mod somewhere at the bottom
SkyProc Patch(if you use PerMa or SkyRe)

It doesn't really matter where you load all the mods I suggested using as my mod is build around you having them, not using assets from them. My mod requires only Dawnguard and Dragonborn.


A: my own

Q: Any tips for a beginner player?
A: Yes! Don't go to places infested with vampires, falmer and automatons at the start. Be humble and start clearing smaller places to get some gear and level ups until you attempt going into a huge fortress of forsworn where you will fight 15-20 people that can buff and heal each other. Don't focus too much on professions early on, as you will lose money and valuable perk points to craft gear worse than what you might find on foes that are around your level. I usually wait until the mid game where I have my most important perks, so I can start saving perk points for a profession. And lastly, remember you DON'T have to kill everything. It's ok to retreat if you find an something that you just can't deal with yet.

Q: How can I beat dragon priests? I thought I can circle my pillar and spam firebolts for 20 minutes until the thing dies.
A: Don't even attempt them until later into the game. Many bosses and tough NPCs have tools to either catch you more easily or to recover health in attempt to reduce your ability of endlessly circling rocks and jumping over fences. Now its significantly harder to kill foes that are much stronger than you.

Q: Enemies are too tanky. The combat is too deadly for the player while enemies are nigh unkillable. What to do?
A: As I said you need to balance the game using other mods too. An easy fix for that is to install a mod that lets you customize difficulty settings so you can chose exactly how deadly combat is for everyone. If you like enemies being very deadly but don't like them being too tough you can change that with such mods.

Q: Can I use spells and other things from that mod?
A: Yes I don't really care. Actually everything I've used is just combination of vanilla assets if you wonder why the .esp is like not even 2mb.

Q: How safe it is to uninstall or install/upgrade mid playthrough.
A: I recommend starting a new game. Also if you upgrade to the new version 1.4.1, it might remove stuff from your inventory(if they are from my mod) so you have to either start a new game or readd any custom items or spells you got from my mod. However any future update should be as easy as just installing the new version and replacing the old one, unless I say otherwise.

Q: Man enemies are still so tough, do you even have fun playing?
A: LET ME TELL YOU MAN THAT ON MY PLAYTHRU I CAN 2 SHOT BANDITS ON LOW LEVELS AND 3-4 SHOT FORSWORN. 6-7 SHOT VAMPIRES TOO! If you get enemies that take forever to kill you screwed up the balancing part. This isn't meant to make your game nightmarishly grindy but that's what is going to happen if you play on vanilla with legendary settings.

Q: I don't like your mod. I want you to do this and that or I uninstall.
A: You are free to give me proper feedback but I hope you realize I don't care if you uninstall. I made this mod for me and then decided to spend a couple of hours making this page to share it with the community because why not.

Q: Why vampires get so much love from you?
A: I like vampires.

Q: Do you plan other major mods for the future?
A: Probably not. I'll just maintain this one.

- Bethesda
- The modding community for giving me a reason to continue playing