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This is a HUGE overhaul to Skyrim's encounters. Enemies get new custom spells, traits, combat AI, loot, ranks and so much more. If you already know the vanilla enemies by heart and find them boring or you've played for long with the same Enemy Overhaul and want some diversity this mod will bring a fresh experience.

Permissions and credits
This is a very long and dear project of mine that's been going for several years now. I reworked many aspects of the game
that are about fighting - new powers, ranks, passive abilities, loot and much more. The goal is to make fights more interesting by
making enemies more diverse and challenging!

New version out!
Mostly small fixes and adjustments and a fix to a very important bug, that's it this time.. I am sorry to disappoint people but
I will have a lot of free time soon and I will be working on the following stuff in the upcoming bigger updates:

1. Tempering recipes - credit to the person in the comments who suggested this great idea.
2. Creating custom meshes and textures for unique gear!
3. Adding more ranks of NPCs.

Again don't expect this all in 1 update and I cannot promise much yet. Only telling you what is on my mind.

Okay let me write it here. If you Install this mod I'm assuming 2 things:
1. You are NOT playing on Legendary. Legendary means you deal 0.25 of your damage and take 3x damage but
everything with this mod is balanced around you taking the same damage as other NPCs which is Adept difficulty.
I play on Expert for more challenge but don't ask redundant questions about why things are hard.

2. You use one of the several amazing perk overhauls that are not only a much better version
of the vanilla perk trees but also make you more powerful late game.

1. Installation
2. List of Changes
3. Compatibility
4. Load Order
5. Mods you might want to avoid
6. Recommended mods
7. Q&A

- It's just a simple .esp file. Install like any normal mod.
- Then you need to install Attack Speed Fix
- New Save
- Dawnguard and Dragonborn
- Attack Speed Fix(also known as Attack Speed Framework)
- check out recommended mods section for some mods that you can't play without!


- Why do you need Attack Speed Fix? Because my mod is based around it. Nothing crashy will happen if you don't have it but
creatures that have high attack speed will have weird attack speed if you don't. After you install just open the MCM and set
attack speed for everyone to 1. You can also go higher for speedier combat.
Do you have some of the following problems:

- encounters are too boring
- game is too unrewarding
- creatures are one dimensional and have no big abilities you need to keep in mind and watch out for
- you know too much about fighting everything, you're too experienced to have any sort of a challenge
- you become too overpowered late game
- there are no secrets and surprises left to discover
- you want powerful creatures to keep getting new ranks even higher than just level 40-50
- you just want to refresh your experience

If yes then this mod is for you!
This mod changes hundreds of NPCs, encounters, leveled lists and completely overhauled
every major enemy group. Creatures get new powers, traits, custom spells and loot drops.

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Mods you might want to avoid

Recommended mods