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A DAR Based mod that lets you customize animations for each race
updated file structure to support all race/sex

Permissions and credits
V7 New file structure for races/sex

V6 Update: Child path added as requested

V5 Update: Elders and elder vampires added as well as a player exclusive animation path

V4 Update: Race specific paths for vampires

V3 Update: New folders added for Vampires and Dremora

V2 Update: New file structure with first person folders for each race
folders inside each race folder have been added for walk/run/idle animations
for males and females

This mod requires you to have the following mod installed:

Dynamic Animation Replacer

Due to this amazing mod we are able to do some pretty cool things with animations now

Thank you for choosing    CUSTOM RACIAL ANIMATION PATH
you can call it C.R.A.P for short, because this mod is the shit

1: Download Dynamic Animation Replacer   install it
2: Download this mod                     install it
3: Explore my mod folder to get to the custom conditions folder.
Inside you will find a folder dedicated to each race in skyrim.
For your convenience there is a text file letting you know wich folder is wich.

Basically all you do from here is put the animation you want for each race in the
proper folder, I am sure you can see how this can be a game changer

want all redguards to have a diff 1H sword style than other races? Now you can!
want all bretons to walk diff than other races? Now you can!
the possibilities are endless

And if you want to go crazy you can spend hours searching for combat animations and
making completely custom fighting styles for every race for every weapon type.
and finally the last step

This mod would not have been possible without the fine work of felisky and his
wonderful mod DAR
This mod was also inspired by the recently released Feline Movement Animations for
Khajits Only (FMAK)
so Kudos to both those mod authors
Now, go have fun and enjoy!